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1. snow. it even still looked white and vaguely unslushy this morning. check back with us noon time.

2. the fact that this week one of BYT’s favorite people Gavin Holland ( of the monthly awesome party: Nouveau Riche) is getting his very own radio show: IN DEED on XM. Listen to it EVERY Wednesday at 10 pm. STARTING TONIGHT

3. the fact that this week one more of BYT’s favorite people Shervin Lainez ( whom we have featured before in our : Oh-shervin feature and who is the one of the go-to-between-a-rock-and-a-glam place photographers in DC) has his solo photography show. Be there this Friday at 8 pm)

4. the fact that after Chicago’s finest Flosstradamus burns down TaxLo in Baltimore this Friday they will make their way over to the Rock’n’Roll Hotel this saturday for a very special Room Service edition.

5. Deerhoof at the Black Cat

6. Obsessively making february and march movie watching plans none of which will involve “acadamy award nominated” anything but promise to have some serious throwdown potential: starting with Smokin’ Aces (featuring the newly single Ryan Reynolds and always creepy-in-the-best-way-imaginable Jeremy Piven) to Hannibal Rising (because “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and “Exorcist: The Beginning” were just NOT enough) to the movie that brought you your 300 myspace photos, named, aptly, 300 (shocker, we know)

7. case in point:


good.better.awesome.next week we tackle Hugh Grant and Underwear. And not necessarily in that order either.