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in fact there are SOOOOO many things we are Gosh-darn-it-I-cannot-beleive-my-DC-luck excited about this week, 7 is a huge understatement.

1. The fact that this Thursday there is Not one but two shows TODAY that under any other circumstance would be our picks for the week.

Georgie James at the R’N’R and Hard Tomorrows (free) at Wonderland-a win-win situation, if you ask us.

2. Restaurant week.We hope you are as hungry as we are
3. And on top of restaurant week:
Wonderland is
inaugurating their brunch. Pupusas! Booze! Crossword puzzles! Everyone you love! You may as well bring a sleeping bag and move into 11th and Kenyon this month.

4. David Lynch is in town. And as this week is all about megalomaniacal love in multiples: you can see him not

5. All the other fabulous Movie oriented (and free) events roaming around:

a. palace of wonders inaugurates their movie night . cheese. and cult classics only. what is not to love?

b. the national postal museum has a film series. for free? who would have thunk it?

c. jean rivette series celebrates french new wave magical realism at the national gallery of art

Also free.

6. You may have MLK day off on monday.

7. in which case this seems like a pretty sweet, neighbourhoody way to kick it on sunday

not to mention there is sooooooooo much more going on. sooooooo much. we and the calendar can barely take it.

hold us while we spontaneously combust.