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Our Mission Impossible: Party Protocol Spy Museum takeover is Friday, August 9, a little more than a week away! We know you’re already busy digging through your disguise closet, but in case you needed a little more outfit inspo, we’ve collected some of the best-dressed fictional spies for you – so get creative, agents!

Once you’ve got the perfect outfit, be sure to grab your tickets now – they’re going fast!

Sydney Bristow, ALIAS – Sydney Bristow had more tricks up her sleeve than wigs in her closet, and if you ever saw ALIAS, you know how skilled that makes her. In a show where she could be overshadowed by her male counterparts (like a baby Bradley Cooper and Victor Garber as her father,) Sydney, played by Jennifer Garner, truly makes the show her own.

Ronica Miles, Agent Cody Banks – Ronica Miles had a wardrobe that was just awesome as her abilities as an agent. From the pink suit (although suit does not seem to be an apt word), to her silver snow outfit, she never fails to look great while saving the world.

Harry Hart, Kingsman –The entire Kingsman operation is covertly run out of a tailor shop, specializing in bespoke suits. Part of the job of being a Kingsman operative is getting the look right, and no one does this as well as Colin Firth’s Harry Hart AKA Galahad.

Eve Kendall, North by Northwest – Eve Kendall is a secret femme fatale. She disregards the dark, sultry looks typically associated with the archetype, instead masquerading behind lighter colors and innocence. But don’t let that fool you, behind Eva Marie Saint’s naivete hides Eve Kendall: a master manipulator.

Austin Powers, Austin Powers – What is there to say? Austin Powers is the epitome of swinging sixties, and the perfect spy. The blue velvet suit is iconic, and irreplaceable.

Peggy Carter, Marvel’s Agent Carter – Hayley Atwell’s Agent Peggy Carter never let the overwhelming testosterone in her office and physical demands of her profession prevent her from embracing her femininity. She is a force to be reckoned with, and so much more than Captain America’s girlfriend.

James Bond, Goldfinger – And we had to end with Bond, didn’t we? He is the spy, using his sexuality as a weapon in ways that are usually reserved for women’s use. He made spies sexy. And, of course, it has to be Sean Connery. Obviously.


Still need some more inspiration for your party disguise? Check out our photoshoot with secret agents from the House of Sonique, and then get your tickets for August 9th – Mission Impossible: Party Protocol!