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When you think about food industry movers and shakers, you generally consider their passion for cuisine above all else. But guess what? They’re just like us! They all have foods (and drinks) that make their stomach turn and skin crawl, and we’ve got the weigh ins from six chefs and restaurant owners to prove it; from dark chocolate to cherry tomatoes, least favorite foods are just an inevitable part of life ¯_(ツ)_/¯:

Bonsai Kakigōri’s Theo Friedman, COO + Co-owner

Oh man, this is a hard one! There really isn’t anything I don’t like to eat. I’d have to say Baijiu, a unique Chinese spirit. It has the roughest gasoline-like burn, and makes my ears hurt! Not much else to say there!”

North 3rd Street Market’s Maggie Miles, Owner of Di Fara

“Some of the foods that I absolutely cannot stand are scallops and oysters – they are both so slimy and rubbery!”

Seattle Chocolate +jcoco’s Jean Thompson, Founder + Owner

“I truly love almost all foods…but I don’t like marshmallows (unless they’re toasted, and then I have to annihilate them to a carbon crisp). We have had marshmallows in some Seattle Chocolate bars (against my will), but I prefer not to eat them. I hate Peeps because they’re really just cleverly disguised marshmallows – even as a child I hated them. They almost give me a headache. There, I said it!”

Left Bank + Poulet Sans Tête’s Laurence Edelman, Co-owner and Chef

Just this morning I realized I hate cherry tomatoes. Even the good ones are a weak representation of a nice juicy tomato. They’re all for show, and all skin…what’s the point?

Cibo e Vino’s Maro Gjurasic, Executive Chef

“Dark chocolate! I don’t understand why anybody would enjoy this! To me, it tastes like burnt dirt, not to mention the bitter quality is totally unappetizing, especially when chocolate is made with milk and sugar to create a far more superior version!”

Root & Bone’s Janine Booth, Co-owner and Chef

“I have never liked a bread pudding! They are always heavy and stodgy, and the texture is never pleasing. It’s one dessert you will never see on my menu.”