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The Meatball Shop has six locations in NYC. The Meatball Shop has a cookbook. The Meatball Shop has a large group of fans since this city has a good amount of former New Yorkers. After over a year of construction, The Meatball Shop is finally open in D.C.

Guess what they sell? Meatballs! They sure do offer meatballs! Classic and not so classic meatballs are what The Meatball Shop offers. The Meatball Shop is not an Italian restaurant. They’re a restaurant that offers meatballs and spaghetti and meatballs happens to be one of those offerings.

The Meatball Shop First Look-14

If you’re a fan of The Meatball Shop, you’ll be a fan of their newest location. It had all the meatballs you’ve come to love. Balls of meat and not meal. We especially enjoyed the balls of fish, the salmon balls and the crab cake sandwich especially.

The Meatball Shop First Look-10The Meatball Shop First Look-16

If you’re looking for a meal consisting of meatballs, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better option. So let’s move on to the space because you probably already knows if you want balls of meat and/or not-meat.

The former Cork space is bright and welcoming. The Meatball Shop team did a fine job incorporating their style with the unique space. The walls are brighter and some have come down. It helps break the space up into four unique parts, three for dining and one at the bar.

The Meatball Shop First Look-6The Meatball Shop First Look-3The Meatball Shop First Look-8

We visited The Meatball Shop before lunch was available. In our one hour in the space, three people tried to get a table at the obviously closed restaurant. There appears to be a demand for another lunch space on 14th between R and S. On the same block as Chicken + Whiskey, West Elm, Batch 13, and the recently relocated The Outrage, The Meatball Shop is yet another new addition to a street that would be unfamiliar to someone that lived here 5 years ago.

The Meatball Shop, 1720 14th Street NW, Washington, DC, is open everyday at 11:30 a.m. and until midnight Sunday through Tuesday, 1 a.m. Wednesday and Thursday and 2 a.m. Friday and Saturday.

The Meatball Shop First Look-17