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Every day you are on your phones, computers, Ipads, and tons of other screens, and what ways are we protecting our eyes from all of this technology and screens.

There are some simple, and easy ways to protect your eyes and mind from being on the computer and other screens all day. For instance, a simple and stylish upgrade to your wardrobe such as blue light prescription glasses can add a fashion statement, while protecting your eyes.

While we know that there will be problems that arise out of the excessive use of screens with updated technology, and virtual work, how can you be proactive in finding preventative ways to stay healthy?

Below are some ways to protect your eyes while looking at screens all day.

  1. Brightness Level

Let’s talk about the simple things you can do to help manage the stress on your eyeballs. Go to your screen’s brightness and turn it down, yes, it’s simple. No, you don’t need it up as bright as it will go, it may look dim at first but your eyes will adjust, and they will thank you after eight hours of staring at a screen.

Increasing brightness during specific situations can be helpful, but keeping our brightness consistently turned up may have harmful residual effects on your eyes.

2. Sit Back

Posture and breathing techniques are so important when it comes to overall health and wellness. Something as simple as sitting up straight, or taking a breather to go walk around and get fresh air can be a game-changer for your overall mind and body health.

Try a simple start, by sitting back in your chair over time, you may find yourself scooting closer and closer to the screen. This may be a sign of something else, like your focus is running out, or it’s time to take a break so that you can center your body, and mind and return ready for work.

Sitting back in your chair and improving your back posture can change what you are seeing on the screen and how you are seeing it. Sitting up straighter allows you to type faster, and more efficiently, while not overly straining your muscles.

Use your chair properly for what it is made for. Position your body back against the seat to comfortably allow your body to align properly. Get the most out of your day with proper sitting techniques that reduce strain.

3. Blue Light Glasses

One of the number one ways to protect your eyes is to shield them. Now you may not have the option of just going off of the computer for a while. Life has limited our resources other than a screen, your phone is a screen, workbooks are online, cookbooks are online, communication is mainly via text and email, so it’s no surprise to anyone that it may be difficult to get away from excessive screen time.

Blue light glasses are a great way to protect your eyes during the ins and outs of your day. These glasses help to filter the harsh light that comes along with our screens and can prevent damage to your eyes in the long run. Not to mention they can be a fun way to add some style to your work wardrobe. Whether you usually wear glasses, contacts, or have perfect 20/20 vision there are great resources to accommodate all of your glasses types.

4. Take Breaks

No matter how great of protection you use, at the end of the day, your eyes still need a break. Making sure that you utilize your break time to get away from the phone and computer is so important!

Oftentimes people hop straight from their desk and computer to a lunch or break room to stare at their phone and social media for 30mins.

Are you giving yourself a break? Do you ever return to your desk feeling more mentally, and emotionally exhausted than before you left?

Taking a break can be such a simple yet effective tool for how your day plays out. Walking out into the sunshine for 10 mins and leaving your phone behind can be a great way to clear your mind and let yourself breathe without any distractions for a few minutes.

Self-care can sometimes be lumped into the social media category because you feel like you are choosing to want to look at Instagram but do you feel rejuvenated after? Take a real break, rest your eyes, rest your mind, eat a healthy snack, come back to the table a new person.

5. Sleep

This is another simple, and redundant sounding task but somehow in our day to day lives getting a restful 8 hours can sometimes feel impossible. Keeping enough structure and discipline in your life to be able to go to bed on time and wake up on time can be a pretty difficult task – especially when juggling work, family, friends, and some alone time.

Even with all of the obstacles, and energy drinks available, maintaining an adequate sleep schedule is still a major component to the foundation that builds a happy body. Protecting your eyes means getting sleep and helping your body to go through all of the sleep cycles, and importantly get REM sleep so that your eyes and mind awaken refreshed and ready for the day. Not exhausted and still trying to recuperate from the activities of yesterday.

Whether it is changing your sleep cycle, or how you sit in your chair there are simple yet effective ways to give your eyes a break. It’s not about buying 15 new products, it’s about finding effective products and using them the correct way to the best of your ability. Blue light glasses are effective (and cute) but those accompanied with healthy habits can create preventative plans.