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It’s a sad day. The television show we all agreed was amazing is over. No one show can replace it. Maybe a few can. Here are five shows that may be able to fill the blue hole Heisenberg has left in your heart.

If you’ll miss Jesse Pinkman’s sad descent into hell you might like…


This BBC drama starring David Tennant (DOCTOR WHO!!!) is a heart-breaking look into the devastation the death of a young boy brings to a small town. One of the best looking shows of recent memory, it’ll please fans of The Killing that didn’t like when the show got too absurd. Similar to The Killing, there’s no catharsis. If you enjoyed seeing Jesse’s life descend into modern day slavery, consider going British.

The entire series can be viewed on YouTube and is available on Comcast On Demand for BBC America.

If you’ll miss the odd relationship between Walt, Jesse and Todd you might like…


The worst three-some in history is gone. There will be no comedic spin-off for Todd. But you can laugh at the Canadian three-some that might have turned to making meth if they lived in New Mexico. Walt is Ricky, Jesse is Julian and Bubbles is Todd. Not really. Just have a laugh. We all desperately need to laugh.

Most of the Trailer Park Boys TV series is on Netflix Instant, two Trailer Park Boys movies are on Netflix Instant and an eighth season is in production.

If you’ll miss Walt doing what he things he thinks is best for Walt Jr. you might like…


This ESPN 30 For 30 documentary explores what happened to Todd Marinovich, the boy raised to be an NFL superstar quarterback by his father, when he left his father’s nest. It doesn’t go all that well. The boy never had sugar or friends or fun. Once he entered college he had drugs, alternative rock and roll, surfing, ‘art’ and other horrible things. Unlike Breaking Bad, this story has a happy ending.

The Marinovich Project is currently streaming on Netflix Instant.

If you’ll miss the loveless marriage of Walt and Skyler you might like…


The 1980’s version of Walter White didn’t have a fancy college degree. He sold shoes. Women’s shoes. And he hated it. And he hated his wife. And he hated his life. And thanks to him the FOX Network survived. And he also wore tighty whities.

Most of seasons 2 and 3, the really good stuff, can be viewed on the Crackle YouTube channel.

If you’ll miss strong female characters that are unjustly hated you might like…


Why did people hate Skyler? Because she didn’t want her distant and lying husband to be so distant and full of lies? What a horrible person? In Nurse Jackie Edie Falco is a distant person, full of lies and captivating to watch. It’s easy to hate this character, it’s easy to love this character. The show isn’t as good as Breaking Bad or The Sopranos, but Falco’s performance is on par with the leads in those shows.

Clips from all five seasons of Nurse Jackie can be seen on Showtime’s YouTube channel. They also have a blooper reel. That’s weird. Shows about drug abuse shouldn’t include blooper reels.