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Waking up on Mondays is becoming pretty damn hard, if you ask us (no one is asking us, we all know this is the truth).

Because we can’t change the world, below, a brief list of things we are actually kind of excited to do this week, aside from the forever inspiring @BRIGHTESTYOUNGTHINGS livestream round-up on instagram:

  • May 5th is not only Cinco De Mayo, giving you effectively a right to solo drink tequila cocktails in the comfort of your home (or get one of the Cinco De Mayo local restaurant/bar packages, delivered, because YOU ARE WORTH IT) – IT IS ALSO GIVING TUESDAY – go and support a non-profit that you care about (and not just with money, you can volunteer your time, your skills, your compassion too) and feel HUMAN all over again.
  • BONUS to May 5th: ADayIN.LIVE donations are still open

  • Dead To Me – Season 2 kicks off this week on Netflix – not only is this show very good and very funny, it will also make you feel better because, no matter what, things are not as bad as they are for Jen and Judy

  • Making (and eating) Ice Cream – it is warm out there finally. And, if your life is anything like ours your building has NOT turned A/C on yet so we all gotta do what we have to do. This is a great cookbook with a 1000 cool recipes, or you can just make like Alison Roman (always) and buy local ice cream (Dolcezza and Ice Cream Jubilee FOR THE WIN, also always) and make fancy citrus cups to eat them out of. This situation will pair really well with the book and show we listed above.

image via Bon Apetit

  • Watching SPACE SONGS whenever we need our faith restored in humanity and creativity:


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