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Waking up on Mondays is officially pretty damn hard, if you ask us (no one is asking us, we all know this is the truth). So, welcome to this particular Monday where we, again, try our best to get jazzed for something. Maybe.

Because we can’t change the world, below, a brief list of things we are actually kind of excited to do this week, aside from the forever inspiring @BRIGHTESTYOUNGTHINGS livestreams happening on instagram:

  • Netflix is premiering this floral competition show this week and it may be the most genius idea they had all quarantine: thing Great British Bake-Off but with floral sculptures. Doctors should be prescribing this.

  • Lets keep the flower thing going: gift yourself ON FLOWERS (2019) by AMY MERRICK. Nothing is more soothing than flower arranging. It is, quite possibly, the cure for everything. Never mind the drugs, pass the flowers. This selection of “lessons from and accidental florist” is gorgeous, meditative, healing, and will make you, literally, stop whatever stressful thing you’re doing) and smell the roses (and peonys, and tulips, and…). (BONUS: this whole reading list is pretty helpful)


  • Also, this weekend is Memorial Day weekend. Treat yourself to a perfect, home made pina colada:


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