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Waking up on Mondays is officially pretty damn hard, if you ask us (no one is asking us, we all know this is the truth). So, welcome to this particular Monday which also happens to belong to the week when the 3RD MONTH of quarantine for most of us begins, which makes this particular Monday feel extra special. Maybe.

Because we can’t change the world, below, a brief list of things we are actually kind of excited to do this week, aside from the forever inspiring @BRIGHTESTYOUNGTHINGS livestreams happening on instagram:

  • How To Build A Girl – now available on VOD – We’d follow Caitlin Moran anywhere. We’d follow Beanie Feldstein anywhere too. So this seems like a pretty good place to spend $5.99 and treat yourself to something this week (especially since we should be all willing to admit to ourselves that Mindy’s “Never Have I Ever”, hot Dad aside, has been a disappointment):

  • Speaking of treating yourself: the fact that there is no vacation travel in our near future is becoming a very real reality, buying yourself a VERY fancy and pretty expensive candle (like this Catbird’s Summer In Italy one, with notes of “orange blossoms, honey AND afternoon naps”) that SMELLS like vacation seems like a completely reasonable thing to do.
  • Antoni’s new quarantine cooking show “Show Me What You’re Working With”. It is just what the Dr ordered. P.S. this interview we did with Antoni (which features cookbook and fancy candle recommendations) is a perfect companion.
  • Escapist horror movies: watching a horror movie is the equivalent of going on a roller coaster, and we could all use some cathartic screams right now. But, be careful what you choose to watch: some stuff (think: home invasions, mental health etc) may seem MORE intense than ever before so you want to pick something that has NO sense of reality attached to it whatsoever. May we recommend a few newish ones you likely have not seen: Gretel & Hansel, with a tremendeously spooky witch, Extra Ordinary for some horror comedy w/ Maeve Higgins and Will Forte, and for ultimate pointless ridiculousness: Blumhouse’s Fantasy Island (boasting a pretty impressive/sucker-for-punishment inviting 8% on Rotten Tomatoes), which switches from “for purchase only” to “for rent” on Tuesday, which is good because we are desperate for an escape but not $14.99 desperate (we have to save some of that bread for fancy candles, and, well, literal bread)

  • And then, this trailer for the Shirley Jackson biopic, which we have to wait for until June, but it is nice to have SOMETHING to work toward the future: Elizabeth Moss is the pandemic icon we’ve all been waiting for and, if you can’t wait that long: the book that inspired the movie is a GREAT, quick, slow-burn read.


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