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Waking up on Mondays is becoming pretty damn hard, if you ask us (no one is asking us, we all know this is the truth).

Because we can’t change the world, below, a brief list of things we are actually kind of excited to do this week, aside from the ever lovely BYT livestream round up:

  • SPACE SONGS: Through the Distance! we loved being a part of the team for National Air and Space Museum’s magical new project – a virtual a virtual concert featuring performances from Ben Gibbard (who wrote you a special, brand new song, just for this), Vagabon, Valerie June and more, filmed in their own homes, to spotlight the creativity and community that can be found in distance and isolation, in both music and spaceflight. Premieres April 30th at 8pm here, so mark your calendar and RSVP here for updates (and there will be some BIG updates, we promise)

  • NEVER HAVE I EVER on NETFLIX – the new Mindy Kaling sitcom (not starring Mindy Kaling) premieres on Netflix today – doesn’t going to high school in the 90s sound great right now?

  • NORMAL PEOPLE on HULU – We have been gifting the Sally Rooney book of the same title to anyone and everyone for months now (if you have not read it yet, please do before you watch this, NOW, it will take you an afternoon, and make you not think about quarantine or anything of the sort of that exact amount of time), and while the notion of adapting the story of Marianne and Connell seems a little stressful (how do you CAPTURE emotion on screen, how do you CAPTURE that unfussy-but-heartbreaking writing?) – the trailer looks lovely, the casting seems on point and if we don’t have hope now, when will we.

  • Watching the Brad Pitt as Dr. Fauci SNL-AT-HOME clip anytime we feel like we need a pick-me-up:

  • Entering a new stage of our puzzling quarantine experience with Piece of Work puzzles – delicious, delightful, incredibly hard, but as beautiful as art. Trust us on this one.


  • A Day IN: DC – the big announcement is coming later today but head to adayin.live for a very special treat we have planned for you this Friday. A virtual group hug of sorts. Trust us.


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