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Waking up on Mondays is becoming pretty damn hard, if you ask us (no one is asking us, we all know this is the truth).

Even the mentally sturdiest are starting to experience the Groundhog day effect and now that we all saw that even SNL can, AT THEIR BEST, produce a maybe-40%-funny episode (and still end it on a note that made everyone at home cry) now, what else is there to look forward to?

Below, a brief list of things we are actually kind of excited for this week:

  • Miranda July – Miranda July comes out this week. On April 14th, Miranda July’s first ever retrospective book is coming out. For those of us who have been following her idoisyncratic, but never-not-relevant career from art to writing to filmmaking and those Uniqlo collaborations (raise your hand if you bought ALL THE t-shirt? Oh, was that just me?) this is the equivalent of a national holiday, pandemic or no pandemic. Your coffee table should accept no substitutes. (read more about books that feel like a hug or a high five here). Pair ordering this book from your favorite indie bookstore with watching “You, Me and Everyone We Know” (free if you sign up for a 30 day free trial with IFC) – the ultimate in urban isolation entertainment.

  • All of Murder She Wrote is on Prime. It has been there for a while but we feel it is fair to remind you of it now because If we could pretend to teleport anywhere right now, that’s where we’d teleport.
  • And finally, in order to feel productive / feel like you matter / are contributing to this moment: The Library of Congress launched By The People in 2018, which allows ordinary citizens (like us! like you!) to help them transcribe, review, and tag digitized materials from their collection. You—yes, you (REMEMBER YOU?)—can dramatically deepen the historical record, helping to catalog documents by sufraggettes, Clara Barton and Mary Church Terrell among others.

BONUS: may we point you toward the Natural Sounds and Night Skies Division of The Natural Park Service website.

BONUS BONUS: Who needs Tiger King when we have the National Zoo’s Cheetah Cam?

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