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Most of us have five senses. Most of us could use some suggestions for things on the Internet that are pleasing to those senses. Here are five things to please your five senses.


The folks from Cheetos release their incredibly addictive spinoff treat Sweetos twice a year, around Christmas and around Easter. We’re in the heart of the spring Sweetos season and my girlfriend and I have already housed several bags of the original flavor, the Easter egg-shamed Cinnamon Sugar things. They’re sweet, salty, and barely count as food but oh my god are they incredibly good.

Cheetos Sweetos (Pack of 3)


This video of a crow stealing a spoon from some people in an office is very good and pleasant to watch. I have sent it to countless people and will continue to do so until I am old and can’t use a computer any more.



Did you know that if you have AT&T U-Verse as your TV provider, you can download an app for your phone that will turn your cell phone into a remote control? I feel like this is probably the case for every TV service but AT&T’s the only one I’ve had for the last several years. Either way it’s very helpful when you can’t find the regular remote or are simply too lazy to get up and grab it from the other side of the coffee table.



I’ve really enjoyed listening  to this new Bonny Doon record, which hits me right in my Silver Jews-loving pleasure centers. Their self-titled debut LP is a collection of semi lo-fi country-tinged indie rock gems, my favorite of which, currently, is the extraordinarily pleasant slacker ballad “I See You.”