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This Saturday at Howard Theatre, Washington will get a chance to check out the Roger Gastman produced and Joseph Pattisall directed film about a man and an era that left an indelible mark on what DC is as a city in cultural transition.

Part biopic, part a celebration of the roots of DC’s street art, it is a must-see for any urban anthropologist. The film has been screened sparingly, mostly at film fests, which is neat, but hasn’t seen a wide release.

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The Legend of Cool “Disco” Dan

This weekend’s screening brings us full-circle, and reason 1 to see this film…

1. It’s DC

It’s DC culture. It’s a film about a DC artist that changed the way people see street art. Screening in DC. In a historic DC theatre. Off U Street. This is the most DC thing you can do on a Saturday other than getting a DC flag tattoo from Eleanor Holmes Norton while Marion Barry tweets about it/”Scandal.”

2. It’s about a legend

If you live here, you should know about Cool “Disco” Dan. According to the Washington Post, the man deserves a statue. Find out why.

3. It’s good

Even if you don’t like in DC or aren’t from here, you’ll be interest. Complex called it, “A triumph in folk/visionary art history.”

4. You need to buy the cool guy in your life a cool X-Mas present

There’s a reason why we included the DVD of the film in our Best Gift Guide Ever. It’s a cool movie. Before you give it to the cool guy in your life, see it for yourself with other cool people.


5. Henry Rollins narrates the film

Do you think Henry Rollins would attach himself to something that isn’t good? Do you really want to tell Henry Rollins that he has bad taste?


The Legend of Cool “Disco” Dan screens this Saturday at the Howard Theatre and is available on demand and on DVD.