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In case you haven’t been closely following Prince Harry’s visit to the US, a highlight of his trip included playing baseball in Harlem. (People were surprised he could hit the ball, but like, cricket, hello…) Meanwhile, though no one has officially stated that it was a low-light, I would have to venture to say that receiving a creepy lookalike doll from British 3D printing firm MakieLab was probably not awesome. Here is what that looked like (Harry is on the left, David Cameron is on the right):

Picture 513

SO DUMB, RIGHT?! I mean, if you’re going to torture someone by giving them a doll, you may as well go with a classic, so here are a few ideas for Prince Harry dolls that I think would have been better:

HARRY2 copy


Eww look at Edward’s hair in that last one! Anyway, don’t you agree these would’ve been SLIGHTLY better ideas for dolls? Slash why would someone think a doll was an acceptable gift?! (If this were old school England and/or not America, you could probably be beheaded for such inconsiderate tomfoolery.) How do you feel about all of this? Let’s talk about it in the comments and/or on Twitter, k? K.