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There are 660,000 podcasts and 28 million podcast episodes. Here are 5 that are more than worth your time, and guess what? They’re all about drag or hosted by drag queens. Just what you need to tide you over until Drag Race comes back.

Sibling Rivalry

Sibling Rivalry features Monét X Change and Bob the Drag Queen, two of Drag Race’s funniest winners, as they spend an hour bantering like, well, siblings. I find it hard to describe this podcast because you never really know exactly what you’re going to get with Bob and Monét. Some the two will interview a guest queen, other times they’ll discuss political issues, and often they’ll just chat about their lives. But one thing’s for sure: This truly dynamic duo is always laugh-out-loud funny.

Race Chaser with Alaska and Willam

Monét and Bob aren’t the only Ru-girls with their own podcast. Hosted by two of the biggest breakout stars the show has seen, Alaska and Willam, Race Chaser is an comprehensive insider’s look at all things Drag Race. Alaska and Willam are everything you could want in hosts: They’re incredibly candid, absolutely hysterical, and extremely informative. In fact, the two have so much to say, that Race Chaser has turned into a biweekly podcast. Each Wednesday features detailed recaps of Drag Race episodes, full of nuanced opinions and behind-the-scenes tidbits about the making of the show, while Fridays bring “Hot Goss,” in which the two queens discuss all the latest gossip, drama, and politics surrounding the show and its contestants.

Alright Mary

Speaking of recaps, Alright Mary, brings queer studies to reality TV. Hosts Colin and Johnny may not be drag queens themselves, but they thoroughly recap every episode of each drag reality competition show, from RuPaul’s Drag Race to Drag Race Thailand to Dragula, with a perspective that draws in broader conversations surrounding queer rights and homophobia as well as everyday navigations of gender and sexuality.

The Tea

The Tea is a weekly podcast hosted by Chicago drag legends T Rex and Lucky Stiff. Each week the two invite guests from the drag world to pop a bottle of champagne and answer questions from listeners. Guests have included Drag Race stars, such as Trixie Mattel and Gia Gunn, as well as local and global performers who haven’t yet made it to television. They cover topics as simple as choosing a drag name alongside deep, often inspiring discussions about relationships, family, and coming-out. T Rex’s wit perfectly matches Lucky Stiff’s earnestness, making for a funny-yet-emotional podcast about doing drag and being queer.

Sloppy Seconds with Big Dipper & Meatball

Dragula star Meatball is consistently one of the funniest drag queens out there, and her podcast, Sloppy Seconds, is no exception. Each week, Meatball and rapper Big Dipper invite a special guest to unapologetically discuss sex and food. It’s a perfect combination. Be warned: This podcast is not suitable for all listeners. Nothing is off-limits for self-described bears Meatball and Dipper as they talk embarrassing sex stories, fetishes, and porn in between the food reviews. Sloppy Seconds is extremely gay, extremely raunchy, and extremely entertaining.

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