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There are 660,000 podcasts and 28 million podcast episodes. Here are 5 that are worth your time.

Broken Record

Superproducer Rick Rubin, massively famous airport book author Malcom Gladwell, and former New York Times editor Bruce Hedlam take turns interviewing some of the biggest names in music for Broken Record. Hosted by Justin Richmond, the show offers surprisingly intimate looks into the creative lives of people like Tyler, The Creator, Norah Jones, and, most recently, Andre 3000. Andre’s extremely personal and thoughtful conversation with Rick Rubin was one of the best interviews I’ve heard in ages.

What’s Your Deal?

Writer/musician/funny person Ariana Lenarsky also reads tarot, and is very good at it. Her extremely nice podcast What’s Your Deal? is split into two parts: a light and breezy talk with a guest, often about their past experiences with tarot, astrology, and other things of the spiritual world, followed by a thought-provoking tarot reading that is often as rewarding and insightful for those listening at home as it is for the person the reading is actually for.


Listening to Jonathan Goldstein’s Heavyweight podcasts reminds me of how I felt when I first discovered This American Life over a decade ago. The show is reliably funny and surprisingly heartfelt, each episode centering around a person revisiting a point in their lives that feels unresolved, as Goldstein tries his best to reconnect childhood friends, ex partners, and other ghosts of their past in an attempt to find that resolution. It’s the sort of show that takes seriously the things that often seem important only to the person they happened to, interpersonal slip ups, missed connections, lost opportunities.


Texas Monthy’s new 10 episode miniseries Boomtown goes inside the current fossil fuel industry boom happening in West Texas that you probably haven’t even heard about. Host and former oil rig worker Christian Wallace takes a deep dive on the Permian Basin, interviewing the folks who live and work there, looking at the real world costs of a crumbling industry as it fights to persist in a world on fire!

Scam Goddess

Laci Mosely, the titular Scam Goddess, is joined by a special guest each episode to take a look at the latest grifts and semi-legal scams out there. Both a wildly entertaining and informative listen and a revealing look at the struggles many working comedians face to keep their head above water, the show has been a must-listen in my feed since debuting earlier this year.

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