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There are 660,000 podcasts and 28 million podcast episodes. Here are 5 that are MORE than worth your time, because they’re all hosted by Bentzen Ball alums!

The Worst with Greta Titelman

Greta Titelman’s show is all about the worst moments in her guests’ lives: the most embarrassing, the most traumatic, the most scarring tales, often from their childhood and teen years. The Worst follows in the long, subversive tradition of storytelling platforms that celebrate failure and humiliation in empowering ways, giving a platform to people to take ownership over the embarrassment they felt in their youth. It’s also super fun and funny!

Best Friends with Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata

We’ve been fans of Sasheer Zamata for ages, and have followed her across various platforms and forms of media – from TV to movies to comedy clubs, and now to the world of podcasts! Her chat show/celebration of friendship Best Friends is a hilariously candid conversation between two old friends, with all the lived-in chemistry you’d expect from such a pairing. Recent guests/fellow friend pairings include Casey Wilson & June Diane Raphael and Lauren Lapkus & Laura Wilcox, both eps are must-listens!

Seek Treatment with Cat & Pat

Seek Treatment, hosted by the inimitable Catherine Cohen and Pat Regan, is massively popular for a reason – it’s hilarious, revealing, and goofy. Cat and Pat dish about “boys, sex, fucking, dating, and love,” with guests from the NYC comedy scene like Greta Kline, Henry Koperski, and Marcia Belsky.

Rantin’ and Ravin’

The folks at Stand Up NY Labs bring you Rantin’ and Ravin’ with Yamaneika and Friends, a free flowing chat show that touches on politics, comedy scene gossip, and the entertainment industry. Guests like Rosebud Baker, Pat Brown, and Seaton Smith make up the “and friends” part of the title, acting as perfect foil’s to Yamaneika’s outspoken POV.

Pen Pals with Daniel & Rory

We all love Rory Scovel for his conceptual silliness, willingness to take a weird idea to wild extremes, like an advice podcast with a unique conceit: Rory and his co-host Daniel Van Kirk respond to letters from you, the audience, their pen pal. Things get weird from there, of course, each episode full of tangents and unexpected left turns.

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