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There are an incredible amount of organizations doing important work right now, and it can feel overwhelming to figure out where to direct your immediate attention. In the spirit of helping you gradually digest your options, and in hopes of potentially introducing you to some causes you might not have heard about yet, we’re briefing you on 5 initiatives to consider each week; while donating is not (and should not be) the only way to affect positive change, it is a 100% helpful practice if you have the means, and is a great habit to get into year-round.

Here are 5 places we suggested last week, and below are 5 more to consider this week:

My Sistah’s House

This is a Memphis-based, trans-led nonprofit providing critical help in finding doctors, social groups and safe spaces for the trans community. They provide emergency housing, bail support and more, all of which you can help fund here.

Change Today, Change Tomorrow

This is a Louisville-based nonprofit that is multifaceted in its efforts, which include food justice, public health, education and more. Some examples of campaigns are The Change Closet (which provides new and freshly-laundered like-new clothing to the community), Communal Bleach (which works to get bleach to members of the community who need it during the pandemic), The Umoja Project (which provides the community with hot and cold meals, as well as snacks and toiletries)…the list goes on. Great work, support here.

The Fishing School

Looking to support something local? The Fishing School (founded in 1990 by Mr. Tom Lewis) works to provide after school care to youth in DC grades 1-5. The program includes homework help, clubs and more to help empower and educate kids. Fund its thirty years of hard work here.


Founded by Macy Gray earlier this year, MyGood aims to support families and loved ones of police brutality victims by providing financial, emotional and mental health support. You can help fund this important work here.

Rebuild the Block

Alexis Akarolo started this fundraiser (now an official nonprofit) on GoFundMe, and it’s currently a fifth of the way to meetings its million dollar goal. The idea is to provide funding to Black-owned small businesses nationwide in order to help them get back on their feet after the economic crisis of COVID-19 and/or the looting destruction that may have taken place in June. Seeing as August is National Black Owned Business Month, this is an especially timely mission to help finance. You can assist here.

Where have you been donating lately? Is there someplace close to your heart that you’d like us to talk about? Email [email protected] to get in touch.