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There are an incredible amount of organizations doing important work right now, and it can feel overwhelming to figure out where to direct your immediate attention. In the spirit of helping you gradually digest your options, and in hopes of potentially introducing you to some causes you might not have heard about yet, we’re briefing you on 5 initiatives to consider each week; while donating is not (and should not be) the only way to affect positive change, it is a 100% helpful practice if you have the means, and is a great habit to get into year-round.

Here are 5 places we suggested last week, and below are 5 more to consider this week:

Black Girls Smile 

BGS focuses on empowering young Black girls to take ownership over their mental health and stability, and works to increase dialogue and combat negative stigmas associated with topics surrounding mental health. They provide information and support, as well as a variety of programs and workshops to boost education and coping skills. Really important work to start young; support BGS here.

Planting Justice

Planting Justice is an Oakland-based grassroots organization that aims to empower people impacted by mass incarceration and other social inequities with the knowledge and tools to cultivate food sovereignty, economic justice and community healing. Support their efforts here.


Organized through NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers), SEEK (Summer Engineering Experience for Kids) program seeks to address the disparities in STEM participation among Black youth. There are no eligibility requirements necessary to participate in the 3-week program, and the age range goes from third to twelfth grade. A great initiative that you can help fund here.


Walking is a great way to get active and practice self-care, and GirlTrek is a nonprofit that’s working to promote it among Black girls and women. Aside from the walking, their members work to improve access to safe places to walk, protect and reclaim green spaces, and improve the walkability and built environments of 50 high-need communities across the United States. Help to fund them here.

The Sentencing Project

TSP works to end mass incarceration by addressing unjust racial disparities and practices, and advocating for alternatives to incarceration. They do a lot of important research-based work which you can support here.

Where have you been donating lately? Is there someplace close to your heart that you’d like us to talk about? Email [email protected] to get in touch.