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There are an incredible amount of organizations doing important work right now, and it can feel overwhelming to figure out where to direct your immediate attention. In the spirit of helping you gradually digest your options, and in hopes of potentially introducing you to some causes you might not have heard about yet, we’re briefing you on 5 initiatives to consider each week; while donating is not (and should not be) the only way to affect positive change, it is a 100% helpful practice if you have the means, and is a great habit to get into year-round.

Here are 5 places we suggested last week, and below are 5 more to consider this week:

INNER City Anglers INC

Started by Carmen Garner, a DC teacher, ICA aims “to instill social-emotional awareness, perseverance, self-confidence, empathy and other life skills along their paths to adulthood” by taking kids fishing. Great concept, and fairly new; help it get off the ground here.

National African American Autism Community Network

NAAACN is a Black-led nationwide coalition of organizations dedicated to supporting and educating African American communities affected by autism. Through education, advocacy and strategic partnerships, they work to focus directly on families and communities through grassroots efforts. You can donate to Autism Speaks, which provides the coalition with technical assistance and other resources, or contribute directly to one of the organizations which falls under its umbrella here.

DC Greens

DC Greens works to advance food justice in the nation’s capital by action through food education, food access and food policy. Crucial work in our own backyard that you can support here.

Muse 360 Arts

Baltimore-based organization Muse 360 Arts works to provide Baltimore youth of diverse backgrounds with access to high quality arts education through a variety of programs that promote leadership and entrepreneurship. In addition to an arts/dance focus, they offer workshops in financial literacy, advocacy, nutrition, goal-setting and more. Help fund their work here.

Black Outside, Inc.

San Antonio-based Black Outside, Inc. is on a mission to reconnect Black/African-American youth to the outdoors, working to ensure they have access to safe and equitable spaces to explore both nature and self. Fund their efforts here.

Where have you been donating lately? Is there someplace close to your heart that you’d like us to talk about? Email i[email protected] to get in touch.