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So in case you hadn’t heard, Rick Ross has decided to sue LMFAO, not because of LMFAO’s annoying name (which totally should have been ROFL, IMO), but because they changed “Everyday I’m hustlin'” to “Everyday I’m shufflin'”, and basically it’s the exact same thing, probably. Like, I totally agree with him on that one, too. (I mean, this is America, and we should definitely be suing people MORE if anything.) So Rick Ross, if you’re reading this, here’s a list of five other people you should probably add to the “To Sue” list in 2014:

1. Body Builders – Everyday I’m musclin’.

2. Chunk – Everyday I’m trufflin’.

3. Leaves – Everyday I’m rustlin’.

4. Frito-Lay – Everyday I’m Rufflin’.

5. Earmuffs – Everyday I’m mufflin’.

I’d just like to reiterate that I think Rick Ross serves as a valuable role model for the year ahead; we, too, should consider suing everyone for everything, but ESPECIALLY those who make use of near-rhymes to make us look foolish, because AMERICA. America. (And also because EVERYDAY WE’RE KERFUFFLIN’.)