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We write about books A LOT on BYT. And while currently, everyone is having trouble reading, it’s not just you, we do have some good suggestions here and here on books to TRY. Having said that, we do need to feel less alone and sometimes, a good book, by a great personality-driven writer can be the cure for most of what ailes us.

PLUS: Supporting writers and independent bookstores is as important as supporting anyone so here are 5 NEW, FRESH books which we recommend, yes, reading, but ALSO spending time with right now.

BONUS: We included a virtual book club you can read these with, if applicable too.

  1. Samantha Irby: Wow, no thank you

It is no secret we are all not-so-low-key obsessed with Sam Irby in these parts (I am forever working on getting her to a BYT festival, and I will keep working on it until that goal is achieved) and this latest collection of essays is a great why: her writing, warts and all, is the kind of combination of funny and sad that instantly, irrevocably feels REAL. In short: Her misery makes for great company, especially since our misery needs it these days. BONUS: if you enjoy this (and you will or we can’t be internet friends anymore), there is several more essay collections to peruse. ONLINE BOOK CLUB READING THIS IN APRIL: Girls Night In (who also has a great Irby interview companion piece)

  1. Cameron Esposito – Save Yourself 

Cameron Esposito is a Bentzen Ball alum, and we all pretend everyone from Bentzen Ball is a close personal friend, so this was a no-brainer. Esposito wanted to be a priest, and ended up a stand-up comic, and this book (which you can currently score a Cameron prayer card as a thank you for purchase) tackles everything from coming out to joining a circus to accepting yourself for who you are–even if you’re an awkward tween with an eyepatch (which Cameron was, and we have a video where she talks about it). Do yourself a favor and get this.

  1. Jen Gotch – The Upside of Being Down

The founder of Ban.Do is one of the most candid people out there when it comes to talking about mental health. For those who are fans of her social media, this is essentially a big hug shaped like a book: relatable, unflinching and covering everything from crying at work to the emotional rating system she uses daily. We hope some tips on how to have perfect hair (which Jen does have) are included.

  1. Miranda July – Miranda July

On April 14th, Miranda July’s first ever retrospective book is coming out. For those of us who have been following her idoisyncratic, but never-not-relevant career from art to writing to filmmaking and those Uniqlo collaborations (raise your hand if you bought ALL THE t-shirt? Oh, was that just me?) this is the equivalent of a national holiday, pandemic or no pandemic. Your coffee table should accept no substitutes.

  1. Glennon Doyle – Untamed

The follow up to Love Warrior. If you are into it, you are REALLY into it. If you are not, then this is probably not a bad time to get into it. Doyle is the ultimate cheerleader of femaledom, and we can all use one right now. ONLINE BOOK CLUB READING THIS IN APRIL: Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine

What are YOU reading? Let us know. We live in these comments and at [email protected] always

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