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It is fucking HOT this week. I’m really not sure what is worse: sweating through my shirt on the way to work, or every building I walk into being over-air conditioned. There is no winning in this kind of heat. But, there are ways to cope. One way is combining two of my favorite things: brunch and margaritas. Breakfast food is amazing. Margaritas are amazing. Don’t let the heat get you down, get out there and grab a marg (or three) with brunch.


I’m really not trying to be dramatic here, but Johnny Pistolas’ blood orange jalapeño margarita has positively changed my life. They offer bottomless brunch drinks (mimosas, bloody Mary’s, sangria, tecante) for $14.99, and their unlimited Bruncharia menu is $24.99. Maybe unlimited isn’t your thing, no problem — they also offer an a la carte brunch menu. Regardless, they have mimosas and margs, its guaranteed to help you forget the heat.

Johnny Pistolas


Mission in DuPont offers bottomless brunch for $35.99 (plus tax) for both food and margaritas. Bottomless. Margaritas. Is this real life? Yes, and it also comes with unlimited gauc, chips & salsa, and a choice of a brunch or taco entrée. If getting drunk off of Mexican food and tequila on a Sunday morning is wrong, I don’t want to be right.


El Sol (two locations, Columbia Heights or Logan Circle) offers a 3-course brunch, prices differ based on location. If you’re down to get stuffed with food and alcohol, this might be the brunch option for you. The brunch includes a starter, chef speciality, and dessert. You can also add a drink (cough margarita) for an additional $2. Clear your Sunday, cause after brunch the only thing you’re going to be seeing is your bed.


El Centro on 14 street (but there are also has other locations) has a sharable brunch menu and includes both classic bottomless brunch drinks, margaritas, and not-so typical brunch drinks like that of the Spiked Seasonal Agua Fresca or the Michelada. Their menu is filled with Mexican dishes so if you’re feeling less breakfast food and more Mexican food, this is the place to go.



Mexican breakfast sandwiches and sweet Mexican desserts galore. El Camino has all of the brunch drinks and offers bottomless options as well. It even has Bloody Maria’s and horchatas for those of you who don’t want a margarita with breakfast (to which I ask, why the hell not?). Their drinks are relatively cheap, just for those of you who are ballin’ and brunchin’ on a budget.