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Be honest, how many weekends do you lazily slump your way out of bed, fire up Yelp, pop a couple Advil and aimlessly amble your way through haute cuisine offerings to find the next victim for your boundless brunch kill list? Meanwhile, poor old pops is out working in the yard, pruning the rose bushes, while ma whips up some scrambled eggs or something else he’s probably eaten a few hundred times. Not this weekend, folks. This weekend, we show our daddies what it’s like to eat out in the big city. We show him what our millennial misappropriation of funds really can yield, in terms of some seriously awesome grub. So here are five suggestions for your Father’s Day brunch this weekend, with a bevvy of dad-centric deals to show him that we’re totally budgeting, spending wisely, living within our means, planning for our futures. We promise, dad.

Catch 15

It’s good idea to make dad feel like he’s earned something today, because if he’s still important enough to merit your brunch hours this weekend, then he probably has. It’s also not too bad when you get a consolation prize for yourself. So when you make it into this location on 15th and K, you and dad will have your choice of a complimentary mimosa, bloody mary, or champagne. Dad’s extra treat is a free Peroni, which is great although, mind you, it’s basically just a Heineken. This Italian spot bills itself as “a slice of NYC in DC,” and their special prix fixe Father’s Day brunch menu includes a list of entrees that I would be utterly incapable of choosing between. My salivary glands have activated just scanning the menu with my eyes. And three courses at $28 is certainly an acceptable rate, New York, D.C. or otherwise.


Brasserie Beck

I had moules-frites twice this past weekend and I’m not ashamed about it. So this weekend, I’ve chosen to include the best Belgian Brasserie that I didn’t happen to stumble into during the past few days. Beer dads rejoice, because the list here is one of the best in the city. Bottomless mimosas also weigh in at a more than reasonable $17. I’d opt for the pâté to share, and my curiosity over corned veal hash would necessitate that as a side item. But those are hardly the stars of the show, so break out a bowl and a tiny little fork, because we eat mollusks here (did you lose your appetite yet?). The mussels are top notch, probably second-best in a well saturated D.C. shell market. I know this is where my pops wants to be this weekend.

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 2.16.08 PM

Toro Toro

For diners hoping for something a little bit saucier on their brunch horizons comes an offering from Richard Sandoval, purveyor of such debaucherous, hell-spawn evening locations as Masa 14 and El Centro DF. To their credit, I’ve been told that these restaurants do offer a commendable brunch experience. You just won’t catch me there any time past 10 p.m. Toro Toro, on the other hand, has my morning-afternoon hybrid meal interest fully piqued, and I’m talking Mount Everest proportions. First, brunch runs until 5 p.m., allowing you ample time to get to your two-hour table time even if you’ve been a bad girl and wake up Sunday morning without your dad day mapped. Second, there’s no worries; at $39 fixed with alcohol ($29.95 without), there are ample options on this buffet to suit any palate. Start off with fresh local oysters and shrimp cocktail, continue with an array of Latin cuts and tantalizing sides. I love yucca. And by the way, that extra ten bucks gets you fresh fruit mimosas, spiked lemonades, and a bloody bar. Thank God Mom’s gonna DD on this one. You can check out what we thought about the brunch right here.


Bistrot Du Coin

For this selection, I’m drawing upon my repertoire of brunchy memories from Father’s Days past. I’ve always had a soft spot for this nice little French spot, with vaulted ceilings that give the place a refreshing open-air vibe. The brunch menu features entrees that won’t break the bank, and lovely cocktails if noon is a suitable time to start doing that in your family. This one runs from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. It’s also not a bad area of Dupont to go for a walk with the family afterwards, as I’ve done so many times with mine.


City Tap House

This list wouldn’t be complete without an ode to more traditional American fare, but I’ve resisted the temptation to send you guys to Florida Ave Grill for some genuine greasy spooning. We can’t all fit in there anyway. So your standard bacon and eggs is getting a bougie upgrade here at City Tap House. The regular breakfast fare is here, but daddy also has the opportunity to eat like a king and prove he’s the man of the house, in all his patriarchal glory. They’re offering a number of specials to dad this weekend. He can order the king-cut dry aged prime rib, Alaskan king crab legs, and cedar plank wild king salmon for $19. That’s a ten-dollar discount on the cost for all of his loyal subjects. There are drink discounts for dad as well, giving you another reason to hold court here.