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Valentine’s Day is less than a week away, which means if you’re looking for a reservation on Tuesday, think again. Most of D.C.’s popular restaurants are likely already booked up for romantic dinners. But don’t give up yet. You still have this weekend to take your partner out, and what better way to spread the love than with brunch? Here are five D.C. favorites still available for brunch this weekend.

Iron Gate

Sneaking in for a meal on Valentine’s Day may be difficult, but brunch is still an option at Iron Gate. Granted, the name Iron Gate may sound a little stand-off like at first, but fear not! What could be more inviting than a doughnut with orange blossom syrup? If you’re looking to make a reservation for the best meal of the day, hurry. Iron Gate has most of its openings for Sunday brunch still available, but Saturday is filling up fast. Book it now and maybe you’ll even get to pass through the restaurant’s Tunnel of Love for some extra romance this weekend.


Breweries and brunch are one of Cupid’s best matches. Bluejacket is wide open for brunch this weekend so get booking. Why take your date to a crowded restaurant on the fourteenth when you can spend your weekend enjoying delicious beers and brunch? Order a signature sweet dish like the pretzel French toast and enjoy it with whoever your signature sweet is.


Instead of having your standard weekend brunch, go on an adventure. Kyirisan has a unique menu with an array of choices so you can make the most of your meal. Start with freebird wings (who doesn’t like wings), move on to croque madames, and top it all off with blueberry pancakes. There are plenty of openings for Saturday and Sunday, so hop on that adventure and get booking.

The Pig

A restaurant named The Pig may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a romantic meal, but don’t write it off just yet. With reservations for both Saturday and Sunday available, you and your date can enjoy cleverly named dishes like the piggy breakfast or the pork nicoise. What could be more romantic than a severe case of the meat sweats?

Chez Billy Sud

Take your date to Chez Billy Sud this weekend to pretend you’re across the Atlantic in the City of Love. It’s never too late to take a tip from the French on the eve of the most romantic holiday of the year anyway. Sip on a bees knees (a mix of honey syrup, lemon, and Barr Hill Gin) and enjoy a pain perdu (brioche french toast with maple syrup and whipped butter). Why book a plane ticket when you can book brunch instead?