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Remember Landmark? Yeah that was the theme of our last brunch guide, but this weekend we’re giving you a list of places where you can go to treat yourself with delicious food and cocktails on your Monday off because it’s Columbus Day (!!). As in the holiday you never know whether or not you should be celebrating because what kind of a guy was Columbus really? There’s a lot to be said on the matter, perhaps it’s a topic to discuss over eggs benedict and mimosas? On second thought, colonization isn’t the best thing to talk about on your day off. So just enjoy it, please.


If you’ve never thought of trying Lupo Verde then hopefully this will change your mind. Homemade pancakes with fig jam, walnuts, sweet ricotta, and fresh berries? Yes. And if you don’t want dessert for brunch you can opt for some of their homemade tonnarelli, spaghetti, or strozzapretti. Now for tried and true cocktail recommendations: according to our Taste Test, “the Principessa is a charming choice, with bright blood orange puree, grapefruit bitters, and Prosecco. If you are really hungover, get the Black Pearl: a concoction of squid ink infused tequila, mandarin liqueur, pomegranate and lemon juice.”



Two words: fried chicken. You can get it in their Fried Chicken Benedict or a more traditional Boneless Southern Fried Chicken. Celebrate the (sort-of) founding of our beautiful country by indulging in one of its most well known delicacies. Logan Tavern will also make you more excited for a Bloody Mary than you’ve ever been because they have a create-your-own menu, you know like the thing Chipotle does. Smoked bacon? Steamed Shrimp? Go for it.



The brunch menu at Station 4 can satisfy adventurous and safe eaters. If brunch to you = anything with smoked salmon then try the House Cured Salmon Benedict. Or if you’re into the whole “let’s stuff as many ingredients as we can into this dish but still make it delicious” method of cooking then try the Mardi Gras Omelette. According to our Taste Test, “the eggs are stuffed with smoked Andouille sausage, red peppers, crawfish and scallions.”



There’s just something about the thought of breakfast tacos that should motivate you to get out of bed on a Monday. Masa 14’s Bottomless Columbus Day brunch is going from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. so if you want to eat, leave, and come back for more  you can do that too. Go for their $39 deal which would give you unlimited small plates and cocktails or just order from their regular menu.

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Pizza, a dish that we as Americans have adopted and tried to make our own, is the star of Graffiato’s menu. Their brunch menu includes breakfast pizzas as well as more traditional ones that you can enjoy with the accompaniment of $18 bottomless mimosas. But if your brunch isn’t a true brunch without some sort of egg dish then there’s no need to worry because they have those too.