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We’ve been writing about brunch for a long ass time. From our Taste Tests to our weekly 5 Brunches To Try column (yes, the very one you’re reading), we’ve had a centuries worth of french toast, scrambled eggs, and bacon. And we will continue to gorge ourselves on breakfast-lunch hybrid meals just as long as you lovely folks keep wanting to read about it (or lets be honest, salivate over the pictures). So for this weeks brunch recommendations, we took a look at our top five clicked brunch posts for the last two years. Reacquaint yourself with some old favorites.



While Daikaya’s brunch cocktails have changed a bit since we last wrote about them in 2014, the menu is basically the same, and still as mouthwatering as ever. The chicken and waffles, while a brunch staple, is very different than the usual fare since Daikaya stuffs their waffle with red bean paste. There’s also the Hapa Loco Moco which is a Japanese variation of a hamburger with a fried egg, gravy, and rice. Either way, you’re taking a mini trip to Japan. Check out our original Taste Test.



Ah, the bottomless brunch. A D.C. staple unavailable in other lame cities like New York. Not only does Toro Toro’s contain fresh fruit mimosas and a Bloody Mary bar (hair of the dog, my friends), but also a delicious, and slightly unusual buffet. Instead of horrific cold eggs, Toro Toro’s buffet is stocked with a raw bar (oysters for life), charcuterie (CHEESE), salads, croissants, and some other more classic brunch foods. When your done with picking at overly greasy sausage, this is the place to go. Check out our original Taste Test.



Cava does bottomless brunch in a slightly different way. While you can get all you can eat small plates for $30, mimosas are one cent. Which feels kind of insane and dangerous. I almost feel as if I should stay away from their brunch because I would kill myself with the amount of mimosas I would order. When they’re one cent each, how you can not put down a dollar and tell them to keep ’em coming? Oh, and the food looks great too. Check out our original Taste Test.



Yes, I know, it’s Georgetown. It’s the Ritz. It’s everything you’re not looking for in a brunch, but sometimes it’s okay to feel a little bougie. The bottomless brunch is $40 and includes mimosas, Bloody Mary’s, and three small plates. Get the breakfast flatbread. Not enough places do breakfast pizza and it is always incredible. The food looks good and the staff there is excellent. If my man, John is at the bar, tell him I said whats up. Check out our original Taste Test.



You all love bottomless brunch and who can blame you? If you want to do something a little classier (yet still traditional), Central’s bottomless brunch fits the bill. It’s $27 for three courses of your choice and another $10 will net you unlimited Bloody Marys and mimosas. The menu has changed since we first visited (no more french onion soup!), but everything still sounds pretty damn good (that spicy lamb sausage…). Check out our original Taste Test.