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Yes, it has been utterly HOT once again. To those of you who don’t believe in global warming, do you now? Well, besides the fact that I feel as if I’m being slowly oven-roasted every time I step outside, I have to admit it is beautiful outside. After all of the rain we have been getting, it’s a nice change to see the sun again. Take advantage of the sunny weather this weekend, grab some brunch, and kickback outside.


  • BYT BEST BRUNCH GUIDE – if you’re of vegetarian / vegan / non-seafood persuasion and want to scope out something completely unrelated to this post.
  • BREAKFAST GUIDE – if you’re impatient and don’t want to wait until noonish to eat.


Central Michel Richard

After your wild weekend has come to an end, soak up all of that alcohol with a Sunday brunch at Central Michel Richard. This is also a great opportunity to people watch as the restaurant is located on Pennsylvania avenue right across from the Trump Tower. So, make at least one good decision this weekend, get some fresh air, and get ready for your three course brunch to bring you back to life. For $10 more to the brunch’s fixed price, you can get bottomless drinks if you’re so inclined.


Summer House

Summer House has come all of the way from Santa Monica to the newly built Pike & Rose in North Bethesda. While it’s not the same as a beachfront view, Summer House in Pike & Rose still offers outdoor seating and amazing food. The quaint restaurant, styled with loosely-strung firefly lights (every teenage girl’s dream room inspo), gives a homey feel to enjoy the fresh cooked food in. The extensive brunch menu offers courses for any kind of mood. Between lemon-cottage cheese pancakes, various styles of eggs benedict, and even a “sunrise burrito,” there is a choice for everyone.



Scion’s menu mixes American and Asian culture to form a unique blend of plates for your brunch. Begin the brunch extravaganza with an item from the starter menu (my mouth is watering thinking about the potato nachos) then move onto salads and sandwiches and/or entrees. Or, if you’re feeling creative, build your own omelette or scramble! Scion’s outdoor seating patio is a nice way to get a feel of the outdoors while being shielded from the sun so you’re not burning to a crisp.

Stanton & Greene

Stanton & Greene by Capitol Hill has launched an all day Sunday brunch menu that includes red velvet pancakes and granola crusted French toast. That sounds pretty sweet, and if you’re not into that bread life, then you can have a savory chorizo breakfast sandwich or a tasso-spiced pork belly hash. To pair with the brunch menu, there are specialty cocktails like the Field of Dreams, made with Hayman’s Old Tom Gin and egg white. Sounds weird but why not?



Open City

Besides the fact that this little restaurant is near the zoo (which seals the deal for me), Open City actually sells brunch all day, every day! Brunch is arguably the best meal created. Plus, you won’t be disappointed by the menu’s variety; perhaps a Chai Waffle for the Starbucks lovers out there? Or maybe an Open City omelet which is filled with hashbrowns, bacon, and cheddar cheese? Maybe you’ll end up getting both, we won’t judge. The charming outdoor patio is the cherry on top to this tasty brunch. Just be prepared for a wait.