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If you guys haven’t heard yet (despite the fact we’ve been talking about it A LOT — seriously, are you ignoring us?), this Sunday is the DC Bike Ride! And what better way to celebrate completing a leisurely 17-mile loop around the District then by going out to a boozy brunch after to gain back all the calories you just burned? Nothing, that’s what. Except you know, passing the fuck out on your bed for the remainder of your Sunday, but that would be a waste of prime brunching opportunity. Anyway, we have taken the liberty of finding five post-race brunch spots relatively close to the finish line, so you don’t have to. Because after this ride, the last thing you want to do is search frantically for the perfect after bike brunch. Brunch, booze, and bikes for all!

City Tap House

Both cozy and a little rustic, City Tap House has all the brunch essentials: hearty steak & eggs, cornbread eggs Benedict, and of course, classic brunch pancakes complete with a lemony-ricotta finish. Located eight blocks away from the finish line (or a 6 minute car ride) City Tap would be the perfect place to unwind after the big bike. Their menu has something for both breakfast and lunch lovers, and of course, has classic boozy brunch drinks.


La Tasca

Here’s an idea: swap out your usual mimosa for some sangria. Crazy, I know, but worth it. Plus you still get your fix of boozy fruit flavor! La Tasca has their signature sangria brunch deal on Saturdays and Sundays, which includes three tapas and unlimited sangria (Yes, unlimited. Enough said.) for $30 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.. If you’re too afraid to give up your precious champagne and orange juice, you can swap out the sangria for mimosas or cava. Plus, the tapas are perfect for sharing between friends if you can’t commit to one dish. If you don’t have any friends, be extra friendly to the person riding next to you. Maybe they’ll feel bad and agree to tapas with you.

Old Ebbitt Grill

Remember that old crowded pub your parents took you to that one time when they were visiting, and you felt like a child for just being there? No? Just me? Okay well that place has brunch. They have two different kinds of French toast, corned beef hash, and tons of brunch-style seafood specials. Including crab. Sign me up. Added bonus: its right by POV and the White House so you get some more sweet views of the Capital just in case riding around the city for 17 miles wasn’t enough for ya.


DNV Rooftop

Looking for brunch with a view? DNV Rooftop has got you covered. You can sip cocktails beside the pool while you fantasize about the beignets and Chef’s Farm breakfast you are about to demolish. The menu has a more minimalist selection, but the location is the perfect place to chill in the sun and enjoy your Sunday outside.

DNV Rooftop brunchDNV Rooftop brunch

Pete’s Diner

Maybe after riding 17 miles you’re really not in the mood for booze, you just want to eat an entire restaurant. I feel that. Pete’s Diner is the perfect place for classic brunch and diner food. You can go straight there in your sweaty workout clothes and eat all the cheap breakfast food you want. Highly regarded by the residents of Capital Hill, this place has a huge selection of sandwiches, breakfast combos, pancakes, and more. Go ahead, order enough food to feed a small family, you earned it.