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If you’ve also stopped bothering to check the weather forecast every morning before getting dressed because IT HASN’T STOPPED RAINING SO WHAT’S THE POINT?, then we’re on the same page. But we should all at least try to resist the misanthropic tendencies that shitty weather forces upon us. Life must go on. The weekend should still be enjoyed. Don’t bother caring about what your hair/outfit/etc. looks like because no one else does. Grab your umbrella, and meet some friends for brunch. You can say you left the house once (or twice) this weekend. Here are our brunch picks for a rainy, cold-ish weekend in D.C. There’s a combination of comfort food and comfortable indoor settings. Come June you’ll be thinking fondly of the last time you were cold enough to be able to sit by a fireplace without fully melting.


The inside of Room 11 is cozy well, because, what else are exposed brick walls good for? The brunch menu has ‘safe’ options like the sausage, mushroom, and cheese omelette but also includes a Duck Confit Salad and Pork Belly Hash. As for drinks, there’s no need to limit yourself to a mimosa just because it’s brunch. Try the Burnt Sugar Old Fashioned or Glögg – a Swedish style mulled wine with ginger, orange, and spices.

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Pretend you’re in a cabin on a vineyard somewhere that isn’t on 14th Street. Barcelona’s brunch menu includes tapas like the Gambas al Ajillo, Tomato Gazpacho, Spinach Chicpkea Cazuela, and Rockfish a la Plancha. Larger dishes include the Char Grilled Lamb Burger, Brioche French Toast, and Barcelona Benedict.

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The Brixton is an English-inspired pub. We might as well take some pointers from the UK when it comes to coping with the rain. Hint: a lot of alcohol. The Brixton’s weekend brunch runs until 3 p.m. and the menu has dishes like the Full English Breakfast (makes sense), Banana and Chocolate Crepe (not as much, but still sounds good), and a Vegetarian Omelette. Order a Pimms Cup and you’re good to go.


When the weather isn’t awful, go to Iron Gate for its outdoor garden. When the weather is awful, go to Iron Gate for the ambiance of the indoor dining room. With $22, you can choose three items from the brunch menu that include a Fennel Seed Crackers Farro Salad, Little Spicy Meatballs, Pork Kalamaki, and Grilled Lemon Vinegar Braised Chicken Leg. For dessert try the Crispy Greek Yeast Doughnuts, Caramelized Lemon Tart, or the Nutella Crostada. Then sip some wiiiiine.



Don’t go to Rustico with the intentio of eating a ‘light’ brunch, or even a slightly healthy one for that matter. That’s not a bad thing though. The menu has dishes like the Carrot Cake French Toast, Brunch Burger (with bacon, a fried egg, cheddar, and spicy hollandaise sauce), and Pulled Pork Pizza. Drinks include a San Marzano Bloody Mary, Prosecco Mimosa, and Prosecco Bellini.