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I know the Internet casual-media hypebeast probably won’t SHUT UP about frickin’ Sharknado 3 for another week or so. You know what’s the best way to get back at those asshole sharks? Getting down with a nice seafood brunch. You can simultaneously deplete the shark food supply while enjoying a rich flavorful meal (roughly) in the middle of the day. And until they debut a “shark only” seafood menu at one of these restaurants (where’s José Andres when you really need him?) this is the best we’re going to do in a limited capacity to prevent an actual sharknado. Do your part to save the city and stop watching the Syfy Channel.


  • BYT BEST BRUNCH GUIDE – if you’re of vegetarian / vegan / non-seafood persuasion and want to scope out something completely unrelated to this post.
  • BREAKFAST GUIDE – if you’re impatient and don’t want to wait until noonish to eat.


We just covered Cuba Libre’s five year anniversary menu, but don’t forget that this half decade old Caribbean joint has a menu filled with awesome seafood for an awesome brunch. Their ceviche selection is unreal, especially the Bay Scallop Ceviche served with Bermuda onions and cilantro, or if you’re down for breakfast tapas they serve Coconut Crab Fritters, all at a very reasonable price. Plus you can refresh with an agua fresca to beat the heat.


Fiola Mare is known for some incredible seafood dinners, but the real star of its brunch selection is in the breadth of its raw bar. You can chose from different styles of oysters, from Chelsea Gem in the Puget Sound to New Brunswick’s briny Shemogue, or opt for Mediterranean-style seafood in the form of Ahi Tuna Tartare and Cobia Sashimi. Plus there’s jumbo crab cakes, a must for any “seabrunch,” if you’d like to call it that (I do).


Luke’s Lobster (which is about to open its third location in Bethesda) keeps it simple; you’ve got your shrimp roll,  your crab roll, and (obviously) your lobster roll. It’s served with a classic presentation (as evidenced by the gratuitous photo), keeping to its New England roots, plus they serve Maine Microbrews too. If you’re looking for minimal seafood straight out of the northeast, this is the best bet.


Eat the Rich has been one of the fine dining attractions in the Howard University area for a few years now, situated adjacent to the equally awesome Mockingbird Hill, but while MH specializes in cured meat and nitro coffee, EtR is all about the seafood. Their raw bar includes ridiculous combos, serving up a boatload of oysters, clams and prawns in succession. Paired with their brunch cocktails and you’ve got yourself a winning combination (try the Death in the Afternoon, it’s absinthe mixed with prosecco).


If you’re looking for the perfect amount of ambience and cuisine, Blackwall Hitch in Alexandria has a gorgeous waterfront seating to accommodate some awesome softshell crab with a side of parsley tabbouleh. If that doesn’t float your boat there’s live music and gluten free options, pleasing pretty much everyone.