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It’s still winter but it kind of feels like spring. I don’t know what to wear and you probably don’t either, but together we can solve a less taxing but still relevant problem: where to eat. If spring’s (soon-ish) arrival makes you want seafood then this list is for you. Or if you think it’s still pretty cold out and want a more hearty meal then this list is also for you. We did it! Everyone wins!


There’s something that can be weirdly annoying yet sort of charming about anchors when they’re placed on random things like clothes, wallpaper, pillows, etc. But Orange Anchor is about the food! Aside from the bottomless brunch pitchers of mimosas, orange crushes, and Bloody Marys, the brunch menu has plenty of seafood and not-seafood options. You can get a half dozen or a dozen oysters; crab fritters; seafood nachos; or tuna taco bites. The egg dishes include a Western omelet, Florentine Benedict, Blue Crab Benedict, and the anchor breakfast. Can you…get on board? Ha. Ha ha.Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 3.28.04 PM


The Farmer Fishers Bakers brunch menu’s drink section is overwhelmingly exciting. Aside from typical brunch cocktails (that includes a Pimm’s Cup) you can order from the ‘Fishers Tiki’ menu which has drinks like the Bermuda (pineapple, orange, lime, falernum, and gosling’s rum) and the Ti Punch (lime, cane sirop, rhum clélement).


If you thought this was going to be all about seafood places and you happen to not eat seafood, DON’T WORRY. Birch and Barley has fried chicken and waffles; house-brined corned beef hash; and a spicy muffaletta flatbread. If you want to continue eating fried food into dessert then I suggest you order the freshly fried donuts. But the warm brioche sticky bun sounds pretty good too.

Charcuterie Board


Osteria Morini is quite obviously an Italian restaurant but it doesn’t make you feel like you have to order a variation of a pasta dish (but you can if you want). They have poached eggs with shrimp, roasted tomato, spinach, and calabrian hollandaise; ricotta pancakes; and a house made biscuit with duck ragu, fried eggs, and chicory salad. Their sides menu includes roasted pork belly, grilled Tuscan bread, and crispy potatoes. The warm pastries (chocolate Danish, blueberry cheese Danish, and speck pecorino brioche) come in a basket and I won’t judge if you promise to let me get my own too.

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Cava Mezze gives you the option of opting for the all you can eat brunch for $30 or just ordering from their (still reasonably priced) menu of mezze dishes. The challah French toast and Nutella waffle will satisfy your sweet tooth cravings but the breakfast burrito and ~refined~ steak and eggs are more solid options. Oh, and mimosas are an additional 1¢ with the all you can eat option.

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