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If you don’t know which teams are going to the SuperBowl or are also unsure of whether or not SuperBowl is one or two words (it’s two, I’m just an idiot) then maybe you want to avoid going to places that will be partaking in this weekend’s sporting extravaganza. SO here is a list of places whose likelihood of having TVs that will be playing Super Bowl related content is low, but where the chances of you enjoying a nice quiet brunch are high(er).


Why should you let the football players have all the fun? Show off your competitive streak (or just distract yourself from all of the pre-game madness) with bowling and bocce at Pinstripes in Georgetown. Their brunch buffet includes bottomless mimosas, an incredibly elaborate Bloody Mary bar (with more hot sauce than you can shake a celery stick at) and a waffle station with some of the most creative waffles around. From balsamic cream and strawberries to Nutella banana foster, Pinstripes has what might be one of the best waffle bars in the city.



The French would (in my imagination) scoff at the barbarity of the Super Bowl. Play your own game of speaking in French accents with your friend for as long as you can until you accidentally offend the table next to you. “Did you know in EUROPE football is basically soccer?” Anyway, back to the menu! You can opt for the $19.95 deal of getting one appetizer + one entrée, one entrée + one dessert with a glass of Champagne Blanc de Blanc or a Mimosa. The menu itself has dishes like Eggs Benedict á la Florentine, Steak du Chef,  and Crèpes. Oui!!!!

Le Grenier


Compass Rose is cool because each of the dishes on the brunch menu is categorized by the country of their origin. So if you’ve always wanted to try Georgian food then you can order the Khachapuri which is a cheese-filled bread with egg and butter. Also on the menu are Korean Kogi Ribs, Jamaican Goat Curry, Lebanese Lamb Kofta, Argentine Asado and other good stuff.



I can almost, sort of guarantee that at Nido you can successfully avoid all things Super Bowl related. Some of ze dishes on the brunch menu include Patatas Bravas, a Mushroom and Fontina Omelette, Pear Pancakes, and Chorizo Sausage Links. You can also opt for the more sophisticated version of the chicken wings you would be eating during the game by ordering the Herb-Brined Fried Chicken.



This place has tablecloths, OK? I think that means there won’t be a TV at the bar blaring the game. At Del Campo you can order the Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Empanada with Smoked Hollandaise; Cast Iron Pancakes; Steak and Eggs; or Chorizo and Egg Hash. According to our taste test the drink menu includes endless blanc de blanc  served with juice on the side.