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Sometimes the scariest thing about brunch is the thought of missing it (!!). Bad jokes out of the way, we’re bringing you a sort-of-Halloween-edition of 5 Brunches to Try This Weekend. Use our Spooky Edition Happy Hour Hotline to drink your way through your weird fears of the suburbs, heights, etc. and then plan to have as many Bloody Marys as you can this weekend. Every place on this list has bottomless Bloody Marys (because you know, bloody = scary = Halloween).


The name of this place sounds enough like Red Rum that if you say it really fast you can freak out your friend who hates scary movies and/or surprises. ANYWAY, other than having $15 bottomless Bloody Marys, Red Rocks has a loaded brunch menu. They’ve got breakfast paninis, steak and eggs, and something else called Eggs in Hell.


Bloody Marys aren’t necessarily (they’re not at all) part of Mediterranean cuisine but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy both simultaneously. Agora’s bottomless brunch goes for $32.99, a price that would scare my Greek grandmother into just staying home and cooking for herself but one that’s justifiable for a treat-yo-self day for me. I say do it for the dolmades. Also take a look at our Taste Test.



DGS (District Grocery Store Delicatessen, not Department of General Services much to my surprise) is like a deli but more that that. Your brunch experience at DGS could consist of matzo ball soup, potato latkes, PASTRAMI, and free flowing Bloody Marys. With $27 you can get bottomless drinks and two courses. Nice. Take a look at our First Look.



$18 bottomless drinks. Moving on. But really, Philo has a diverse menu with everything from Nutella crepes and french toast, to eggs Benedict and Baba Ghannouj.



Just because Central is a French restaurant that doesn’t mean you have to be scared about going and not being able to pronounce your food when you order it (I am often told this by my friends and family). For $27 you get three courses that can consist of anything from pancrepes and croque madame, to a provencal frittatta and pear almondine. Add an extra $10 and you’ll get your bottomless Bloody Marys. Read our Taste Test for more.