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You know what’s better than a one day long celebration? A month long celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month (!!). Can we say the word celebrate one more time? Probably can and probably will. This is our Hispanic Heritage Month weekend brunch guide (the ideal accompaniment to our Hispanic Heritage Month Happy Hour Hotline).


If you want tacos and don’t care what time of day it is, Oyamel is the place to go (they’re made with handmade tortillas). And if you don’t want tacos but still love Mexican food, Oyamel has Platanos con Crema, Churros de San Angel con Chocolate Caliente, and they of course have an extensive drink menu.

Oyamel Experience Dinner

AGUA 301

Located at the Capitol Waterfront, Agua 301 is an ideal place to go for great food and a great view. Their diverse menu offers everything form carnita tacos and pumpkin pancakes to huevos divorciados and Spanish frittatas. Oh they have tequilia too, and a lot of it.



SER stands for Simple Easy Real but it’s also the Spanish version of the verb “to be.” Clever. At SER the simplest thing you can order from their menu is huevos fritos and even though I’m sure they’re good, I would suggest trying some of their more experimental stuff. How about the Sara Montiel “aka the way to Marlon Brando’s heart?”According to our Taste Test, SER wants to give its customers an “immersive, authentic culinary experience of traditional Spanish family style meals.”



They’ve got tapas, they’ve got wine, they’ve got brunch – and those are enough reasons to go to Barcelona Wine Bar. You can either build your own cocktail at the bar or order a glass (or two or three) of Cava Sangria. Brunch dishes include Barcelona Benedict, Lemon Buttermilk Pancakes, and Char Grilled Lamb Burgers.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 3.35.39 PM


A brainchild of Richard Sandoval, La Sandía is the Tyson’s Corner token place for Latin American cuisine. We featured this place in our DC Guacamole Guide and haven’t forgotten about it. Other than having amazing guac, La Sandía has a brunch menu with dishes like Mexican Chocolate Waffles, Enfrijoladas, and Carnitas Sopes Eggs Benedict.