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Wow, I’m not sure where May and June went but all of a sudden it’s July, summer is in full swing, and it’s getting HOT. Not to beat a dead horse, it just didn’t seem as hot last summer (hopefully I’m not the only one thinking this?). As the weather warms up and the necessity of brunch intensifies (especially during the upcoming three-day weekend), my mind turns to two things: small plates. With the heat intensifying, it only seems natural to rely on smaller portions and more liquids, right? In line with rising temperatures and the holiday weekend, here are some sick spots you can get mid sized bites and your weight in mimosas.


  • BYT BEST BRUNCH GUIDE – if you want something a bit richer or heavier this Friday.
  • BREAKFAST GUIDE: if you’re not about the #brunchlife (or you wake up at a reasonable hour on the weekends).


While at first it may seem counterintuitive to indulge in Mediterranean food for the first meal of the day, given the often rich quality that typically characterizes various platters made with eggplant and chickpeas, Philos’ Brunch Menu toes the line between delicious small plates and light fare. Their bottomless brunch offers a wide variety of options, including homemade sangria, and the small plates offer a selection of American and Greek plates, ranging from standard American meals (French toast, grilled cheese) to an assortment of light, Mediterranean-inspired salads for warmer summer weekends. Plus there’s always enough baba ghanoush and feta cheese to go around.

The Royal

Coffeeshop by day, classy neighborhood joint by night, and South American food all day everyday (except Mondays), the Royal is Ledroit Park’s new, highly anticipated neighborhood tavern. While there’s no menu on their website as of yet, photos circulated on Twitter (and those we featured in our preview) show a) shaved ice in their Ascension cocktail and b) a grilled avocado and quinoa salad. Throw those two together and you’ve got yourself a small yet filling midday meal. If you’re looking for more of a pick-me-up, they also serve lattes.

Dacha Beer Garden

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 1.18.33 PM

Dacha’s German inspired menu will transport you without even needing to pay for the insanely expensive airfare. There’s a variety of options, including Belgium waffles with a warm fresh fruit spread, whipped cream, and toasted nuts or lighter vegetarian entrees of grilled cauliflower on a bed of roasted marinated beets, spiced lentils, and grilled herb carrots. Each brunch option is served with a side of scrambled eggs, home fries, and jalapeño mac and cheese. Don’t forget about the bottomless mimosas for only $15, tax included. Kids are welcome with a brunch option for them as well. Dacha’s always-chill atmosphere (they are also pet-friendly) is a great place to grab brunch for the whole family.



This Turkish restaurant is now serving up brunch as an ode to Turkey’s beloved breakfasts. The flat rate of $37 per person may seem a little steep but you can pile up as much food as you want and you get complimentary drinks (tea or something alcoholic if you’re so inclined). Begin with small plates to share including the options of Turkish cheeses, hummus, or Labneh; strained yogurt with za’atar. Then get to a starter for yourself with traditional Turkish plates such as Imam Bayildi, eggplant stuffed with tomatoes, garlic, onion, and parsley. If you still have the ability to keep eating, you can pick out as many dishes as you please, each with a Turkish twist. Top it all off with a dessert (Baklava, please) and then roll yourself home.


If you want somewhere that combines well-crafted small plates with a more upscale atmosphere, Degrees nets you high class at a (relatively) affordable price. As a part of their “Georgetown Yoga Brunch,” which is perhaps the yuppiest name one can bestow upon a brunch menu, you get unlimited Chandon mimosas and three small plate options. The food offerings include standard American brunch fare with a few standout options, like a breakfast flatbread and lemon ricotta mini pancakes. At $45, it is a bit more on the expensive side, so fill up on champagne and OJ to make it all worth it.