Happy 4/20 guys! (and girls)
A perfect day to let you know that this weekend, DC will be hosting the first ever National Cannabis Festival, happening at the RFK this Saturday noon-8pm.

The festival is celebrating progress on marijuana legalization in DC and across the nation, recognizing the spirit of the cannabis movement and the non-profit groups that have fought for so long to end marijuana prohibition.

ALSO: More than just a festival, NCF is a chance to connect with members of the cannabis community and industry from across the country while enjoying a full day of music, games, delicious food and drink.

NOW, since it is 4/20 we do have 4 PAIRS OF 2 TICKETS TO GIVE AWAY TO IT (otherwise, you can buy them here) and we will be picking the winners at 4:20pm. To enter to win: let us know who you would smoke with if you could smoke with anyone (And why).
For extra motivation, here is just a light highlight reel of what is happening that day:
Happenings throughout the day
Notable Speakers
  • David Grosso
  • Congressman Blumenauer
  • Congresswoman Norton
  • Congressional candidate Mike Spigiel
Plus, a lot of Interesting Vendors, including:
  • Annabis (scent-proof – fashionable purses, clutches, accessories to carry your cannabis)
  • Euphorix (tonics)
  • KEANU (new Key and Peele movie doing promos at festival)
  • Myster (DC-based vape store)

We’ll leave you with this: