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2019 is now and there’s no looking back. Only forwards! We asked 41 of our funniest friends about what they were excited about in the coming year and they came to us with all sorts of exciting news, predictions, hopes, dreams, fears, and more! Let’s hear what they had to say!

Roy Wood, Jr.

Whats more exciting in 2019 than finding about about all the different unorganized Democrats lining up to take on Trump in 2020?!!. I have a new one hour comedy special titled No One Loves You premiering Jan 25. on Comedy Central. Oh, and still working on my probation officer comedy Re-Established.

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Marina Franklin

I am looking forward to finding a home for my new one hour special recently shot in Chicago at the Vic Theater. It was the first time that I taped an hour long special. It’s called Single Black Female, please keep a look out for it! You can also hear me weekly on my popular podcast, Friends Like Us, featuring women of color discussing hot topics.

Joe Pera

Waking up on Easter morning.

Randy & Jason Sklar

We are working with our podcast co-host, Daniel Van Kirk and Will Arnett’s co. Electric Avenue, Artists First, and Sony to develop an animated narrative show based on our podcast Dumb People Town for YouTube Premium. We are currently writing a pilot script and then will animate a 12 minute or so presentation in hopes of getting it picked up. We are really excited to create a show that attempts to answer the question: “Is it better to be smart, right and miserable, or dumb and happy?”

Jimmy Pardo

The two things I’m looking most forward to this year are Trump going to prison and finally winning the Never Not Funny fantasy baseball league. (I’m more confident in one of those over the other)

Kate Berlant

I’m looking forward to people consuming more of Lizzy Cooperman’s comedy!!

Day 1 of the BYT 2014 Bentzen Ball Comedy Festival in Washington, D.C.

Jackie Kashian

I have a comedy podcast with Laurie Kilmartin and we’re starting to do shows around the country – we both do sets then we do the podcast and THAT is going to be great. We’re doing San Francisco and Boston this month and NYC next month. More towns and more standup coming. The talk show part is us celebrating and bitching about standup. That format is heavy with middle aged white guys. What we’re doing here is a lateral move.

DC Pierson

I’m getting married!

Naomi Ekperigin

I’m most looking forward to going on the road with my new hour of stand-up comedy. It’s been fun building up the material (still a work in progress) and coming up with cool venues outside of regular comedy clubs that would be most receptive.


Mary Holland

I’m going to be on a show called Robbie for Comedy Central that will begin shooting this spring and I’m so excited for that. I’m also thrilled to continue writing and creating projects with my writing partner, Clea DuVall. We have a film that is in the works at TriStar called Happiest Season and are also working on a television show idea together. I’m eager to see what’s in store for my improv team Wild Horses as we begin exploring the idea of touring! Lots to look forward to in 2019!

Matt Besser

I’m looking forward to seeing Chris Kelly’s show The Other Two. Chris is one of the best writers I’ve ever worked with and I’m really glad he’s got a show on Comedy Central. Also Drew Tarver is a star waiting to happen so I’m a fan of the show already.

Arnie Niekamp

I’m excited for some big changes we have planned as Hello from the Magic Tavern reaches the end of its (very long) second season. Beyond that I’m looking forward to binging lots of streaming media and immediately forgetting I ever experienced it.

Beth Stelling

Season 4 of Catastrophe with Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan!

Debra DiGiovanni

I’m super excited to be working on a project for Comedy Central digital with my friend (fellow Canadian) Steph Tolev. It’s going to be 3 mini webisodes basically just about us living our lives and being idiots. It’s gonna be funny and quite loud.

Steven Castillo

At a an after party I met Mark Ronson and for some reason I told him I wrote “Uptown Funk 2.” It was a very stupid lie. A week later he saw me at another party and he asked me how “Uptown Funk 2” is going…..so this summer I will be releasing “Uptown Funk 2” song and music video for my new friend, Grammy winning Mark Ronson.

Patti Harrison

I am really looking forward to seeing new stuff from comedians/groups like Lorelei Ramirez, Amy Zimmer, Three Busy Debras, Wham City. They all make me laugh harder than really anything else. Also really excited to see Los Espookys because I think Ana Fabrega and Julio Torres are surgically funny.

Adam Cayton-Holland

Selfishly, I’m very excited for the third season of my TV show Those Who Can’t on truTV. Our third season is by far our best and I can’t wait to see it. I also know my buddy Rory Scovel is hard at work on his new Comedy Central show, Robbie. I have no idea the release date of that, but I know it’s going to be killer and I’m so glad it’s in the works! Other than that, I’m just so damn excited to keep watching my brand new son Malcolm grow up. He’s only two months and he’s already funnier than anyone I know.

Matt Braunger

Selfishly, I’m excited for my special Matt Braunger Finally Live in Portland to come out Feb. 5th. I recorded it at the last Bridgetown Comedy Festival at the Paris, which was a former Adult Movie Theatre when I was a kid. Because Portland. I wrote, produced, and shot it myself with a lifelong Portland buddy as my DP. It’s taken a while to get it out, so I’m just psyched people are going to see it. Also, my parents were in the audience to watch and be embarrassed at the stories.

Also selfishly, I’m excited to get more comics and other interesting folks on Advice from a Dipshit with Matt Braunger. It’s been such a dumb blast and, from what I hear, my idiocy has helped people’s lives.

Non-selfishly I’m excited for Ron Funches new special, seeing new Caitlin Weierhauser bits, everything Kyle Dunnigan will put on Instagram, new Dana Gould Podcast eps, Sam Jay riffing anywhere, anything Maria Bamford does (I’m hoping for an enormous hologram somewhere of her doing stand-up), and just anything anybody I love puts out or does. That’s vague, but I have hilarious friends.

Chemda Khalili

On May 23, 2018 I asked my husband to leave. May 23, 2019 will end my one year of celibacy. It’ll be the first time I’d be open to dating in 10 years. I look forward to it… I think.

Daniel Kibblesmith

Probably either finally get into anime or buy a gun.

Marcia Belsky

I’m excited for 2019 to be the year I change directions and explore men’s rights just to shake things up a bit, expand my circle etc. Beyond that, am looking forward to recording a cast album for our Handmaid’s Tale musical and jumping back into stand up & traveling now that I have some more time.

102818_Handmaid's Tale_225_F

Jake Weisman

I’m excited about the television show I co-created, Corporate, coming back for its second season!

Nore Davis

In 2019, I’m looking forward to recording my Comedy Central Half-Hour and for the world to see my set on the second season of 2 Dope Queens, coming out in February. Currently writing a new hour while people enjoy my latest stand-up album TOO WOKE! available on every streaming app.

Nore Davis

Joe Kwaczala

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is inducting a great group of artists for its Class of 2019: The Cure, Def Leppard, Janet Jackson, Stevie Nicks, Radiohead, Roxy Music, and The Zombies. I’m very excited to go to New York to watch the induction ceremony and subsequently cover the event for my podcast Who Cares About the Rock Hall?

Whitmer Thomas

This year I am excited to try very very hard at the things I love to do. I am also excited for anything Joe Kwaczala gets into. His ass is funny as hell.

Amy Miller

I’m excited for fat girls to be funny and hot in movies and on TV and not just falling down, stuffing hot dogs down their gullets, or constantly getting revenge.

Fran Hoepfner

The main thing I am excited for is a forthcoming second album from Harry Styles. I would love to have an artful or interesting or alternative take on what to look forward to, but the truth is that I cling to the ghost of One Direction, and the former boyband member’s music has brought me the most joy since their split. His first album brought some good if not slightly embarrassing rock ballads into my life, and fingers crossed his 2019 has the decency to include a few more bangers.

Will Miles

I’m looking forward to the show South Side on Comedy Central that I wrote for and am acting in. That comes out this year and it takes place in my hometown of Chicago. And I’m recording a half hour comedy special for Comedy Central. I’m also real excited for the reform of prisons, the closing of Rikers Island, and recidivism rate for prison to drop by half, which could also happen this year ideally.

Tom Thakkar

2019 baby! I’m taping a half hour for Comedy Central at the end of this month, and as someone who grew up watching those, I couldn’t be more excited! Also Search Party has been one of my favorite shows over the past couple years, and season 3 is coming 2019, I can’t wait!

TJ Jagodowski

I’m looking forward to becoming a better baker and woodworker. I’m trying to move backwards in time.

Ben O’Brien

In 2019 I am looking forward to getting older, wiser, happier, uglier, angrier, drunker, more violent, more in love, more dangerous, taller, slower, punched in the face, kicked in the ass, put in a head lock, kissed on the lips, hugged by friends, licked by dogs, ignored by cats, paying rent, the internet, getting ripped doing extreme at-home workout programs, balling yarn, crocheting afghans, making all of my socks into one long sock, cutting a bird in half, writing poetry, watching shitty TV shows, listening to bad music, hating myself, sleeping, dreaming, meditating, resetting my vibe, making my vibes awesome, ruining my vibes with anxiety, attracting wealth, attracting toxicity, eyes puffier, skin more translucent, body weirder, depression increasing, complete mental/physical breakdown, they rebuild me, I’m worse than before, I’m a monster, no one loves me, washing dishes, wearing an oversized hat, flipping off a picture of a child, eating candy.

District of Comedy Festival After Party-21

Giulia Rozzi

I’m excited to see and create more comedy, art and media that inspires connection and understanding instead of hate and hypocrisy.

Tommy McNamara

Jenny Lewis is putting an album out! I’m going to put one out also, but you should listen to hers!!!

Ian Abramson

I’m excited for more Cocaine and Rhinestones, an incredible podcast about the history of country music. A subject I never expected to be something I’d get that into.

Bentzen Ball Day 3-23

Dave Ross

My answer this year is literally the exact same a last year: Corporate on Comedy Central. It’s an incredible show, and it’s second season starts in about a week. The dudes who make it are absolute psychopaths and great comedians, so the show is brilliant and dark as fuck. Season one was so good, I can’t wait to see what they did with the next season.

Clark Jones

I’m excited to see Jordan Peele’s new movie. The preview for Us made me actually anticipate a movie coming out. What they did with “I Got 5 On It” was siiiiiiick.

Allen Strickland Williams

My 2018 was so damn awful I don’t feel an ounce of shame in self-promoting. I am looking forward to taping my half-hour for Comedy Central! (And spending more time with my beautiful new niece, even though she can’t do anything for my career.)

Sierra Katow

Let’s see. In the coming year, I’m mainly looking forward to the launch of my new podcast Stay Podsitive and seeing a lot more Asian Americans killing it on TV and the big screen!

Pat Byrne

Here’s what I’m most excited about. Here it is. No, you don’t get it, THIS is it. That’s right, it’s the first ever collaboration between Matt Byrne and Pat Byrne. We did it!!! Other than that? I don’t know… I guess this live show I’m putting together with Jason Gore called So It’s Come To This. Happy? I plugged something actual. But seriously, what else can me and Matt Byrne do this year? How bout a split 7″?! Can’t stop now.

Ross Kimball

I started following Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization on YouTube a few months ago for a project I’m working on and now I’m hooked. The narration, the passion, the beautiful scenery. I’m all in! Also, MEGA, the podcast I’m on!

Nick Vatterott

This is the year that I say, “Lord, grant me the strength, to lift this car above my head.” I know, I say this every year. But this is the year that I do it. This is the year that I take a Honda Taurus with interior and exterior, and pick it up past my knees and above my shoulders. Sure, there’s a lot of people out there who say that it “can’t be done,” that it’s not “physically possible,” that Taurus is made by Ford, not “Honda.” Well, 2019 is the year that I stop listening to the haters. It’s the year I stop listening to the negativity and the pessimism and all the people who say, “Hey! What are you trying to do to my car? Get away from there!” I’m tired of the Bobby No No’s. It’s time I listen to the Randall Yes Yes’s who say, “You pick that car up above your head, and you hold it there till it’s time to stop, because it’s 2019, and that car is not going to lift above your head by itself!”