4 Nat Geo Explorers and 5 Reasons Why You Should Love Them
oliviaowens | Jun 13, 2013 | 3:00PM |

Tickets on sale now for Nat Geo After Hours 2015!

In honor of our Nat Geo event this FRIDAY (cough,cough..get your tickets), here’s a little info on the four National Geographic explorers that will be there and why you should love them just as much as we do.


Dr. Andrea Marshall – Marine Biologist, Queen of Mantas

  1. First person in the world to complete a Ph.D. on manta rays…sexy right?
  2. BBC made an award-winning documentary on her life a manta researcher.
  3. She’s been a certified diver since the age of twelve, so you can basically trust her with your life.
  4. Not only is she an amazing diver, but also photographer and scientist. (Triple Threat?!?!?)
  5. She discovered a new giant species of manta ray in 2008 meaning she’s made history. That’s pretty legit.


Raghava KK – Artist and Storyteller

  1. He’s a recurring TED Speaker.
  2. He shunned formal education at age 18 to begin writing cartoons. Complete badass.
  3. Collaborated with artists including Paul Simon and Erykah Badu.
  4. Known for painting beautiful water colors with his feet. That’s hot if you have a foot fetish or something, right?
  5. He also created an Ipad app for children to explore history in a more open and exploratory way. (Showing off his sensitive side.)


Jake Porway – The Numbers Game Host

  1. Porway works for The New York Times R&D Lab by day and is a matchmaker by night — a modern day Batman.
  2. His company, DataKind, connects nonprofits, non-governmental organizations and other organizations to data scientists in order to solve “social, environmental, and community problems”…we weren’t kidding when we said Batman. This guy is trying to save the world.
  3. He loves learning new languages, musical instruments and art. His online dating profile must be perfect.
  4. He is the host of a show on the National Geographic channel called The Numbers Game where he reveals the science behind “life’s most daunting topics”.
  5. The bio on his website says he learned a lot about life from living with a very fat cat. All you cat ladies, get in line!


Katy Croff Bell – Chief Scientist, Nautilus Program

  1. She’s traveled all over the world collecting data on deep sea environments. She can be your travel guide!
  2. She is lead scientist for the National Geographic Nautilus Exploration Program.
  3. Her work has been instrumental in locating multiple shipwrecks. Think she’s met any pirates with Johnny Depp’s physical features?
  4. She’s engaged in and led over 25 archaeological and oceanographic expeditions.
  5. Spends much of her time on board research ships working to find the next big breakthrough regarding deep sea technology and knowledge. Well, thats pretty intense.

Now that we have you in love with these OUT OF THIS WORLD, AMAZING explorers, we know you want to buy your ticket.