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While there is an element of instinct in picking the right 30th birthday invitations, it’s also important to consider your theme. Even if you haven’t gone all out and planned a Mad Men or 1990s dress up party, most parties (the good ones, at least) follow some sort of theme or style. Planning without any vision is a nightmare in more ways than one, so before you get started, settle on a theme first. We hope to inspire you with a few of our ideas below!

While many of the styles showcased in this post don’t mention 30th birthdays specifically, one of the best things about Paperlust is that all of our designs are 100% customizable. First search by style and see what catches your eye – this way you end up with an invitation that you truly love. Next, it’s time to customize everything to your individual event. There’s no reason why a simple 15th birthday invite can’t become a classy 30th birthday invitation!

Keep it minimal

This style stole our hearts from the minute it arrived on the scene, and we’re not the only ones who love minimalism. Known for its thoughtful vibe, gender neutrality and above all versatility, minimalist designs are great for those who aren’t keen to commit to an all out theme (which is totally okay).

A little (or a lot of) gold foil

Gold foil is a craze that is not dying out anytime soon. If you are planning a 30th party theme along the lines of foil, metallic, glitter, shimmer or even golden oldies to celebrate a particular era, goil foil invites could not be more perfect! You can set the tone for your party and these luxury cards will look fantastic on people’s fridges.

Classic cocktail party

Nothing says ‘sophisticated grown up’ like an elegant cocktail party at your favourite local bar. Whether it’s a fairy lit rooftop or a hired venue for a large scale bash, make sure you have a signature 30th birthday cocktail prepared! In this case, the dress code is a no brainer. Cocktail attire is a happy medium between ultra formal and a party where your brother shows up in flip flops… For a failsafe theme, cocktail party is the way to go, and remember, if you have it at a venue, there’s no clean up for you afterwards. Bonus!

Floral magic

Florals aren’t restricted to gardens, girls or spring time – use them for a surprisingly wide range of 30th parties for both stationery and also decor. They help create incredible atmosphere so pair them with modern ambient lighting or industrial chic decor to create a party vibe that feels uniquely you. There’s no wrong way to use florals and you can celebrate other stationery techniques while you’re at it (think gold foil, print on wood, color stock or letterpress) for your ideal combo.

This article has tossed around a few ideas but the possibilities really are endless. Choose any theme or style that strikes your fancy and remember that you can be as subtle or out there as you like. We recommend browsing general birthday invitations with your preferred style filters applied then customize the design and aesthetic to your event and taste. Oh, and happy 30th!