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EPIC photo sets by: Brandon Hirsch and Jane Briggs
brief words by: Josh Phelps

While people all over the city were chowing on charred burgers and getting sunburned, Seth Hurwitz fired up the grills at 930 Club and treated over 1000 of his close friends, loyal customers, and stalwart staff to a living time capsule of DC musical history in celebration of the club’s 30th anniversary.

9:30 crowd 9:30 crowd

The mammoth lineup included early full band sets by Tiny Desk Unit (first band to play the club and featuring NPR’s Bob Boilen,) The Slickee Boys, and Bethesda native Tommy Keene. As he stood upon the drum riser and shredded enthusiastically while locked in step with his teenage (son? nephew?) on the drums, they both flashed smiles mirroring most of the crowd at this point.

The Evens

Ian MacKaye’s duo, The Evens, played from the second floor balcony and MacKaye reminisced fondly upon being “fucking banned from the 930 club – I loved it!”

Slickee Boys 20100531-006-930_30th 20100531-008-930_30th

Seth and ever-present manager Josh Burdette shared mc duties before Justin Jones and the Driving Rain’s set, a quintet of local rockers who may be releasing records on 930’s own imprint.

Henry Rollins

DC native Henry Rollins arrived midway and eventually took the mc reins, showering well-deserved praise upon Bob Mould (Husker Du, Sugar, Blowoff) and encouraging everyone to buy any record he’s attached to. Mould was the first in an epic segment of solo electric performances, including Ted Leo and Dave Grohl, and it was clear he knew how to work the room into a dancing, singalong frenzy.

Ted Leo Ted Leo Ted Leo 9:30 crowd

Ted Leo dusted off songs penned in Mt. Pleasant he last played 16 years ago while Grohl went solo on Everlong before launching into a reunion with Scream and gleefully ripping on Bad Brains covers. I only hung out for a few hours but the revelry raged on well into the night with The Pietasters, Clutch and Trouble Funk closing it out.

Dave Grohl Dave Grohl Dave Grohl Dave Grohl

If you were lucky enough to get a ticket via the 930 Forum membership, email subscriber lottery, or check their twitter updates Monday and roll on down, you bore witness to the club building gloriously upon its legendary status.

The Fleshtones The Fleshtones The Fleshtones The FleshtonesThe Fleshtones The Fleshtones The FleshtonesSlickee Boys Slickee Boys Slickee Boys The Fleshtones20100531-148-930_30thTed Leo Ted Leo Ted Leo Ted Leo20100531-358-930_30th 20100531-352-930_30th Scream Clutch Clutch The Pietasters ClutchTrouble Funk Trouble Funk Trouble Funk Trouble Funk


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