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2941 Restaurant is one of the most beautiful restaurants in the DMV. The floor to ceiling windows, stunning landscape and picturesque patio make the venue ideal for special occasions. Historically, the atmosphere of the restaurant was formal, to keep in line with the regal surroundings. But now, in response to popular demand, the restaurant has taken a more casual turn. Gone are the white tablecloths, the formality, the fussy desserts. In its place is a delectable, approachable menu and a series of desserts from newcomer Nicholas Pine that will blow your mind.


The most recent dishes on the ever-changing menu are chock full of spring ingredients, which happens to be my favorite culinary season (well, it ties with summer… and fall). Open your meal with the roasted beets and strawberries; the dish is one of the most visually mesmerizing dishes I have ever seen. The colorful hunks of beets are spread across a board and the pinnacle is a sphere of melt-in-your-mouth goat cheese mousse. I wish all my meals could start with this dish.


For your entrée, it’s a toss up between the goat cheese ravioli, decorated with yellow chives and bright green peas or succulent gnocchi crowned with a trifecta of the season’s bounty: ramps, morels and fiddlehead ferns. Your best bet is to get both and share with your dining partner.


Dessert is series of temptations. The Cherry Bombe, features a chocolate sponge cake that is enshrined in a ball of whipped cream, which is then coated in white chocolate that is dyed red to resemble a giant cherry. The Fraisier is so stunning you will have a hard time eating it. The dish is an artist’s board of vanilla cake, strawberry mousse, and whipped crème. The Exotic looks like a dinosaur’s egg, filled with sorbet and overflowing with passion fruit caramel sauce. If only all food could be this entertaining.


My final words of advice on the refreshed 2941 Restaurant: Take time to peruse the grounds, get a wine recommendation from sommelier Jonathan Schuyler and settle in for a dinner that’s a show and a meal.