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Born and raised in Brooklyn, Jovonn is nothing less than a NYC house music legend. Having produced and DJed his trademark raw, thumping sound for over 20 years, he is internationally renowned for an incredibly strong discography of major label dance and underground hits.
Strangely enough, tonight’s party for Deep Secrets will be the first time Jovonn has ever played D.C. We caught up with him via email this week to check in before his debut Friday night.
You’ve been producing music for more than 20 years and it seems like everything has come full circle with the early 90s sound seeing a full-blown revival right now. What are your opinions on this current trend?
Well at this time I’m able to fall back on soulful house to revise what i invented: deep raw house with a new current edge. Added with production and live sets.
How has your production style changed over the year? Do you still use hardware or are you completely “in the box” with DAW applications and plug-ins?
LOL. That’s an interesting question, many have asked me that. I’m more into hardware gear, as well as plug-ins. I do use Ableton from time to time, along with hardware sound modules and keyboards. My style actually has always been the same though, with a cutting-edge deep feel. Within my tracks, be it soulful or tech house, I’ve always added deep undertones in my production.
What’s happening in New York these days? Seems like there’s a good deal of activity happening in Brooklyn…
Ahhhhh Brooklyn …… man its getting to be off the hook out there in the Williamsburg area. They have so many happening deep house clubs there. It’s becoming the new Manhattan, now that we have the Barclays Center and many cool bar/resturants. I’m loving it.
What do you think are the key elements to creating a “vibe” for a good party?
Just educate your peers to what real house is from the 90s to the present. Never be afraid of taking chances on playing somthing new. That’s how you break records. People remember stuff like that.
Have you ever played in D.C.? Any past experiences to share?
No, not at all. This will be my first time .
What are some of your favorite tracks at the moment?
Just to name a few:
My ”Slammin Doors EP” (Objektivity)
Jamie Jones’ “Hungry for the Power” Remix
Dusky “Flo Jam”
Nick Curly “Underground”