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If you’re in the NYC area and have been missing IRL art experiences something fierce, L.E.S. Summer Night is just the ticket; 24 galleries will stay open late this Thursday, July 30th from 6pm to 8pm. Here are details about each of the participating galleries and what’s on view, and here’s an interactive map to help you plan your route.

And do plan your route! Due to the pandemic, it appears this isn’t going to be your average mosey in and out vibe! Many of these spaces have been allowing visits by appointment only up to this point, so if there’s something listed that strikes your fancy, double-check the website and book a timed slot accordingly to be safe.

It looks like some of the galleries will be making works available to view through their windows, so there’s no need to enter into some of the facilities if that part makes you nervous. That said, if you plan to go inside any of the spaces that are opening their doors, be prepared to comply with the new safety guidelines; we recently ran a piece about how Zwirner was planning to reopen, and it seems pretty standard practice that guests will need to wear masks, be ready to wait their turn (and practice social distancing), experience time restrictions for how long they can view the area, etc.

Also, kind of a no-brainer, but DON’T GO if you feel unwell! Or if you suspect you may have come into contact with the virus in the last two weeks! Otherwise, enjoy the evening, and tell us what you think of these kinds of extended hours events!