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We made it to 2020, everyone. It’s a new decade and there is much on the horizon to be scared of/anxious about. That said, there is also good things, too, because life is all about balance. We went and asked 24 of our favorite funny people what has them excited for the coming year, and they told us about some very cool sounding projects, offered up predictions, and shared anxieties about impending doom, among other things. Here’s what they had to say!

Matt Besser

In 2020 I hope lots of acting work goes to the many hilarious improvisers who were new to improv4humans in 2019 which include: Ronnie Adrian, Mano Agopian, Lisa Gilroy, James Mannion, Ali Ghandour, Hillary Matthews, Vic Michealis, Anna Salinas, Carl Tart, Devin Field, Lou Wilson, and also my favorite writing team Brad Evans & Nick Ciarelli should be at the top of the list for any sketch show staffing up. As a stage show that should be a tv show I’d look at the various incarnations of the “Asian AF” shows we’ve had at the UCB Theatres on both coasts the last few years.

Jackie Kashian
I’m looking forward to liking enough of my new hour to put out an album. Currently at 40 minutes. Pray for me.

Joel Kim Booster
I’m changing my meds in 2020 and I’m really excited about that.

Jacquis Neal
A couple things I’m looking forward to this year is my podcast, Culture Kings, arrival and relaunch on the Earwolf Network! Being a comedy and culture podcast and being on the best comedy podcast network is very exciting. I’m also looking forward to my own game show podcast, I’m Your Host with Jacquis Neal, debuting later in the year. And you might be seeing me pop up on the small screen here and there!

Matt Braunger
In the new year I’m looking forward to 1) People still barreling forward with hilarious creativity despite the constant barrage of horrible news and anxiety–Fuck yeah!, 2) My new album “Please Hold Me” coming out early 2020 and the hour special taping I’m doing later on in the year of new stuff.

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Joe Kwaczala
A very funny comedian in Los Angeles named Whitmer Thomas is going to have an hour-long special on a notable TV platform, and I’m really looking forward to that. I think by the time this is published, it will have been announced, so hopefully people know what I’m talking about. But at the time of writing this, it’s a secret, so I don’t want to prematurely “spill the tea,” to use a phrase I came up with. For safety, why don’t we just say this: I’m excited for the Whitmer Thomas’ hour-long comedy special, only on C-SPAN.

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Megan Gailey
I am looking forward to the JLo and Shakira Halftime Show! We are finally getting two women! They’re both hot, amazing dance and have bangers! I’m hoping for a Lil Nas X surprise cameo!

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Nore Davis
In 2020, I’m looking forward to building my new hour of stand-up comedy. I want to give a fresh perspective of laughter during these sad World War III times. Only laughter, love and art will save us. Follow me on IG @noredavis for performance dates in yo area.

Joey Clift
A lot of really funny Native American comedians, writers and directors are getting some amazing projects off the ground in 2020 and I’m excited to see what all of my talented friends make in the new year. For myself, I just organized a sold out singalong screening of the very poorly reviewed Cats movie on January 1st and I can’t picture anything else that I could or would do this year being more culturally impactful then that. I’ve peaked and that’s okay.

Tom Thakkar
I’m excited for people to hear all of the Stand By Your Band podcast episodes we’ve backlogged, to write for “The Movie Show” coming out on SyFy, to hopefully record an album, and to watch another season of I Think You Should Leave!

Atsuko Okatsuka
I’ve recently been getting unique performance requests, like performing for a Roman Catholic Church in the UK or opening for the Blue Man Group (NOT TO BOAST). I’m looking forward to see what other journeys comedy might take me on. Hoping to do a baby shower or a retirement party soon, TBH.

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Cullen Crawford
Big amazing jackpots and juicy cash prizes

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Will Miles
In 2020 I am looking forward to reading more books and the continuation of the influx of black Art in media. Noname is an artist from Chicago who has a book club you can follow at @NonameBooks that I think is amazing and Clark Jones has a podcast called “Classic Black Dude” that is also amazing. On a personal note, I’m happy season 2 of South Side is in the works and the Sherman’s Showcase special comes out in February.

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Daniel Kibblesmith
I really feel like 2020 is the year we get this whole endless wars / climate change thing figured out. Barring that, I am looking forward to getting a cool animal skull that is big enough to wear over my real head when I join a cannibal fuel gang.

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Lizzy Cooperman
I want my 2020 to overflow with papasan chairs. Cream, navy, dusty rose– to hell with it, even rust. I want buckets, saucers, bowls, and moons. I want to perch on their great circumferences and come to know my own totality. Happy new year from all of us at Cost Plus World Market.

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Allen Strickland Williams
Sometime this year I am going to go to Hawaii, drink on the beach, and try not to fall into a volcano.

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CJ Toledano
Convincing comedy friends in Chicago and New York to visit/move to Los Angeles. It’s nice here!

Fran Hoepfner
I’m just totally thrilled for Guy Ritchie’s new movie, The Gentlemen. I do not care if it is good or bad! Get Guy Ritchie away from live action remakes and back to unintelligible British crime dramas that I will watch 100 times.

Joe McAdam
Sketch comedy is about to hit a really good stretch. I Think You Should Leave already looks like the sketch show of it’s era like Mr. Show or Kids in the Hall were. There’s a bunch of other good shows that were new within the last year or so too, Sherman’s Showcase, Astronomy Club, it’s going to be cool to watch them all develop. Not just on TV either, I think because the digital video market died the only people doing online sketch stuff right now are self producing and really love it. We broke through to the other side of the online comedy boom and it’s mostly just the funny people left. Also I think Megan Stalter could make Cameo a viable way to create comedy and get paid for it in 2020.

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Ian Abramson
In 2020 I am excited for all of the new content coming to Disney+.

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Clark Jones
I’m looking forward to reliving the roaring 20s; bootlegging, interracial dancing, Classic Black dude podcasting, and investing heavily into WeWork!

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Tommy McNamara
On March 25th I’m gonna be hosting an episode of Chris Gethard Presents that I think will be really fun so look out for that. If you haven’t been keeping up with CGP I highly recommend it all the episodes are on YouTube and they had some of the best comedy I saw last year. As far as music goes, Frances Quinlan from Hop Along is putting out a solo album at the end of January that I can’t wait for.

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Robby Hoffman
Surviving Trump’s holocaust!

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Martin Urbano
In 2020, I’m most excited about being included in a feature for Brightest Young Things, an arts & culture website that runs the Bentzen Ball comedy festival in Washington DC and regularly features some of their favorite funny folks (like me!) throughout the rest of the year.

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