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Oh hey and welcome back to another semi-embarrassing display of my love of soccer! We have plenty more World Cup drama to discuss, so let’s get into it RIGHT NOW!

OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY! It has been a spicy two days since we last spoke, both in terms of this goddamn heatwave AND the past four World Cup matches.

Brazil faced off against Mexico on Monday morning, and while there was indeed a part of me rooting for Mexico (I LOVE ME SOME CHICHARITO ACTION), it was nice to see Brazil get a bit of redemption from last World Cup’s total nightmare scenario.

Japan held a lead over Belgium later that day, but it was ultimately stripped away after Belgium took back the power in a 3-2 finish. Gut-wrenching stuff there.

Yesterday, Sweden beat Switzerland (thus earning a spot in the Quarter-Finals, a feat which hasn’t been achieved by the nation since 1958) with an overall score of 1-0. But the real winning moment was when this weird shorts pulling incident happened between Marcus Berg and Johan Djourou:

And then. THEN. The most bonkers match of the bunch so far (in my opinion) came in the form of Colombia v. England. I am genuinely surprised that no one left the pitch in a body bag – the ref had very little control over the game, and the yellow cards were flying left and right. It looked as though England would win after Kane nailed a PK, but in the last few seconds of regular time Colombia delivered on a set piece, making the score 1-1! THE DRAMA! An additional thirty minutes was given, during which time the score remained 1-1. It would indeed come down to the dreaded PKs. And in the end, England came out on top. Bummed for Colombia and its fans, but it was quite the performance by England, y’all!

2018 losers now read as follows: Mexico, Japan, Switzerland, Colombia, Argentina, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, Peru, Costa Rica, Serbia, Tunisia, Panama, Poland, Iran, Australia, Iceland, Nigeria, Germany, South Korea and Senegal.

Enjoy your two days off, ’cause now we are officially onto the Quarter-Finals! Friday we’ll see Uruguay play France at 10am, and it’ll be Brazil v. Belgium at 2pm. Saturday it’s Sweden v. England at 10am and Russia v. Croatia at 2pm.

Headlines of interest:

I’ll be checking back in on Monday morning with updates and results on the Quarter-Finals, upcoming matches for the rest of the week AND any other bonkers news that might happen between now and then! For now, good luck to you all, unless you’re rooting for someone I am not rooting for!