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Oh hey and welcome back to another semi-embarrassing display of my love of soccer! We have plenty more World Cup drama to discuss, so let’s get into it RIGHT NOW!


We kicked off the Round of 16 on Saturday with Argentina v. France, which resulted in an Argentine loss 3-4. As bummed out as I was to see my chosen team pack their bags, the fact of the matter is they just haven’t been up to scratch in their performances this World Cup. It cuts me like a knife, but it’s the truth.

Next up was Portugal v. Uruguay, the latter team being my backup squad to root for this tournament. I have to say, I wasn’t feeling too confident considering Ronaldo has been nothing short of a hero thus far, but WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT?! Uruguay prevailed with a 2-1 win. My heart stays afloat!

Sunday, meanwhile, we saw two matches that went into overtime and ultimately resulted in PK shootouts. The first was a gut-wrenching performance between Spain and Russia, the latter playing what I think was quite a cowardly game – as the weakest squad still present, they parked the bus the entire time to force it to PKs. Not a good look, but an effective one when all was said and done. Spain will head home, and Russia will advance. (Someone joked that this is the biggest victory Russia has had since the 2016 election. I agree with that statement.)

And after that, Croatia faced off against Denmark. The two teams scored the quickest goals of the tournament so far in the first four minutes, but the momentum quickly petered out – the score remained 1-1 for the remainder, once again forcing the squads to duke it out in PKs. This time, it was Denmark sent packing, while Croatia will move on.

2018 losers now read as follows: Argentina, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, Peru, Costa Rica, Serbia, Tunisia, Panama, Poland, Iran, Australia, Iceland, Nigeria, Germany, South Korea and Senegal.

Headlines of interest:

Coming up today we’ve got a VERY exciting set of matches – Brazil v. Mexico is happening at 10am, and it’s Belgium v. Japan at 2pm. Tomorrow, meanwhile, we’ve got Sweden v. Switzerland at 10am, and Colombia v. England at 2pm.

I’ll be checking back in on Wednesday morning with updates and results on this week’s first round, upcoming matches for the rest of the week AND any other bonkers news that might happen between now and then! For now, good luck to you all, unless you’re rooting for someone I am not rooting for!