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PHEW! What a month it’s been! We saw some of the historically greatest teams in the world get knocked out early, and some of the most unexpected contenders make it to the near end! I don’t even know what to believe anymore!

Yesterday’s French victory over Croatia in the Final probably felt pretty predictable at first glance, and the final score of 4-2 reads pretty black and white as well. But (at least from my perspective) France got lucky in a few ways yesterday; from its first goal, which came from a fucking dive by Griezmann and ended up deflecting off Mandžukić, to a PK taken by Griezmann following a hand ball in the box by Perišić, I honestly feel that Croatia just got the short end of the stick. And the stats were in Croatia’s favor, too! Possession was 66% Croatian and just 33% French. UGH.

(I went into the game as a neutral party, but that Griezmann dive I mentioned above just really got me to rally behind Croatia. I know we don’t all agree on whether or not diving is deplorable or an “art”, but I know where I stand on the issue.)

I don’t want to completely discredit France, either, I just feel like if you didn’t watch the match and just heard about it, you might be inclined to say it was a slaughterhouse when in actuality it felt more balanced than that.

ANYWAY, in the end, a Croatian loss could not be helped, and France took the title. And following that win, social media asked France to start treating its immigrant population better, seeing as the victory never would have been possible without players (a MAJORITY of players) who are of African and Muslim roots. Yes to that.

And on that note, let’s go to the headlines of interest:

I’ll be checking back in in like four years! (Actually, next year, ’cause that’s the WOMEN’S World Cup.) I hope you had better luck than I did re: choosing teams to root for! Until next time, y’all!