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Oh hey and welcome back to another semi-embarrassing display of my love of soccer! We have plenty more World Cup drama to discuss, so let’s get into it RIGHT NOW!

This month has flown by! I can hardly believe we’re staring down the WORLD CUP FINAL this weekend! It’s happening on Sunday at 11am, and the contenders are (in case you weren’t yet aware) France and Croatia! Let’s talk about that!

France faced off against Belgium on Tuesday afternoon (or, night in Russia, but daylight hours over in the USA) and sealed the deal in the first ten minutes – Umtiti popped in a beautiful header in the 51st minute, and Belgium couldn’t get it back together to tie things up. So long, mes amis!

And then it was England’s turn to fall on Wednesday. It looked like it might indeed be coming home after Trippier nailed a goal in the 5th minute, but Croatia crept back up with a goal by Perišić in the 68th minute. The tie brought the two nations into overtime, but ultimately it was Croatia who prevailed with a Mandžukić goal in the 109th minute. Croatia is the second smallest nation ever to make it to a World Cup Final.

I didn’t have any horses in either race, so it was tough to feel overly happy or overly sorry for anybody. I did appreciate that Scotland had a great time supporting Croatia, though, and if you’re not hip to the gift from god that is Scottish Twitter, get wise now:

And on that note, let’s go to the headlines of interest:

I’ll be checking back in on Monday morning with final results and any other bonkers news that might happen between now and then! For now, good luck to you all, unless you’re rooting for someone I am not rooting for! (Currently I am STILL not rooting for anyone, so we’re all in the clear!)